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Strong women stay slim
I love the x factor .... I thought last night they were being silly saying about kandy rain for what they were wearing , just a dig i guess but I thought nothing of it , hey they should of come out with leaves on them lol !
My fav stacey is lovely ... thats where my oh is from dagenham ....
But i think that the 3 girls they put together where good , simon saying book ends don't think went down to well with the one on the right ops lol
But yes i love it
Love it!! Can't wait for tonight to see who'sout and of course Robbie!!!

I've loved Jamie from the start, but last night also thought Miss Frank, Lucie (really loved her from her first audition too) and Danyl were great. Some of the others were a bit of a let down, thought a couple of them would've been better than they were.

Really hope the twins are going tonight! Hate them, they really need to go, but I see them staying in for a while just to annoy us all!


I Will Do It :)
I know lets hope the cocky twins go tonight!!

I actually agreed with Cheryl and Danni about the girls .. They are wanting to get away from there past and they dress like that?? But then again they are not ashamed of there past, I suppose everyone has an opinion!!

I love Cheryl Cole, I thought that she was going to hit Simon last night :D:D

Yeh Miss Frank are good, def the best group!!

Cant wait for it to come on tonight .. Roll on 8 hehe!! ROBBIE ROBBIE ROBBIE!!
I want the twins to go, but I think it'll be Kandy Rain getting the boot tonight!!!

Getting SO SO SO excited about Robbie's performance! He's been away TOO long! :drool::heartpump::drool:


Strong women stay slim
Robbie was hyper yesterday , as simon said not a good singer but has a way to draw people in ... think he went into hiding not long after he played near where i live at .knebworthhouse , i could hear it from my house ...
Well you guessed right kandy rain went stirky ... the twins are ok , still young they will settle down hey rember the other girl twins they were no good at all and made it the cheeky twins was it .. fame they got out of it i think we will see more of the twins on our tv in other things
Yes I think the twins will be around for a while :(

Robbie looked like he was on something, shame if he is as he's had so many problems, I thought his return was the end of all that. Poor bloke! MsJMC I was at the first of Robbie Knebworth gigs, in the FRONT row!! I queued for long enough lol!

Oh Aaleigha I voted :) I voted for Jamie (love him he's excellent!) and Miss Frank!


Strong women stay slim
stirky .... I think there was defo something wrong with robbies eyes , might it be he cad the wrong cake ... hehe hash cake lol
Hey you came far devon to Hertfordshire wow , i have been to devon love it where are you in devon , do you know ivybridge ?
You must of been queing for a long time to get front row.... but worth it ...
I heard it faint from where I live but plenty got stuck on the roads and could not get in i bet the novertel made a killing its right near it ...
Yes it was worth it, always q for ages for concerts as if I'm not in the front row I'm not happy lol! Think we were there before 6am, quite a long drive but not too bad. Driven to Endinburgh from Plymouth before in a day lol! Yes heard about all thos people getting stuck, if they'd got there at 6am they wouldn't have had a problem hehehe. No it must've been awful, I would've been so so mad!!! Took us ages to get out mind!!!

Yes I know Ivybridge, I live about 5 miles away from it and my gym and my horses are there lol! Lovely place, just as well being as I'm there at least once a day lol, usually 2 or 3 times!!


Strong women stay slim
Really only 5 miles away . I know someone who moved there , I have been to dartmouth few times , but not in ages . so your gym and horses are there how many do you have ? my daughter goes every sunday she is 6 and been going since Jan . Is there much in ivybridge I was thinking of going for a few days .
I have never been to a concert , thats something I must do before its too late lol
Ivybridge is only small, but there is lots in the surrounding area, and it's only 10 miles away from Plymouth. Have two horses at the mo, my old boy who is 30 and a little pony for the kids. This time last year had 4 of them lol! A lot easier on time and money at the moment!!

I haven't been to any concerts for a while, used to go to quite a lot of them at one time :( Love them!!


Strong women stay slim
Hi X factor peeps , are you getting ready for another showdown ...lol
Stirky ... are you busy with them horses ?
So who will next go out ? huh its so hard knowing , and who will win ...
I really have no idea at the moe who will go out or win ... lol


Strong women stay slim
i heard she was going to sing ... was that last night what happened why did she not sing ? maybe because she can't . to be honest I always thought she never really had a great voice . simon made me laugh when he said ... no it took you 3 years , she said two lol ...

Why did she start crying ? it was true all what simon said last night after all he tells it like it is and they don't like it
Think she's singing tonight isn't she?? I missed last nights as I was out, but just had a quick catch up online :D Oh how much do I LOVE Jamie!!!! Loved him from the first audition and really hopes he wins!!! Definitely the best last night :D
Yes thought she would be miming, no way she sing it live, they mimed last year when Girls Aloud were on.


Strong women stay slim
well no point her doing the song , its like spice girls stuck the girls together and hoped for the best they were not singers either back in 1996 , made it big cos then they were about the first girl group out . but girls aloud are forgetable .... , there is only one good singer the irish one . who will go tonight cherl lol if only lol

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