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Yasmin and Weightwatchers

I hope someone out there is having the same experiences as me!!

I'm on yasmin about 3 full months and have gained a stone :(
Cannot lose it despite being in points all the time and exercising!!!

I'm coming off the pill today because I don't need it any more and I hope that the weight will come off too?

Did anyone have to same issues and what happened when you stopped?

Thanks so much to anyone who can give me advice. Feel really down about it as had weigh in today and have gained another 2 pounds despite being really good all week :(
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Yeah I've heard yasmin can have that effect. Did you try yasminelle maybe? I think it's supposed to have less side effects. Comes in a nicer pack too with the days marked on it and everything. If you aren't gonna take anything anymore I hope the weight comes off for you hon, it should do! Just be prepared for your first full blown non-pill period cuz it might be a doozy lol xx

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Thanks a mil! I'm coming off the pill anyway cos I don't need it!

I checked scale this morning and I'm up AGAIN!
I was 10st 12 pounds on saturday.

On scales today, Friday, I'm 11st 2!?!??!!?!?!

I'm actually seriously worried now and upset!
Oh hon. I'm sorry to hear that. It cant be possible though. Your body couldnt put on 4lb in one week surely? I'm positive this'll go down again. You could be retaining water or something like that. My scales have me going up and down, up and down all week so I've tried to stop stepping on them before WI (I know its hard not to peek) Chin up love, stick at it! *hugs* xx
Aw thanks! Yeah that can't be possible, right???
I was looking online today (dangerous, I know) but from the looks of it this could be something to do with thyroid and apparently that can happen on the pill!! Why don't they tell us these things!
I have LOTS of the symptoms so have booked a doctor's appointment today to chat with them about it. I worked too hard just to have the weight bounce back on for no real reason!

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