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Yay im now an official a LighterLifer

As from today!
Start my first pack in the morning, I have been so eager to start this now here i am.

OOps i made mistake, see my excitement has taken over i meant to say im now an official lighterlifer
You can edit your title of the post - if you hold your cursor to the right of the title and right click I think (might be double click) it will 're-open' it and you can make a change if you like. :)

Oh - and a very warm congrats on taking the plunge! All the luck in the world to you!! Maintain your enthusiasm and you will SOAR through this!!! :)
Good luck for your first week. I'm sure you've picked up lots of tips on here and know what to expect. Remember we are all here for you if you have any questions or need any support.
Aww thx BL, i have been reading your posts and you have inspired me soo much. Hopefully i will lose 5st sooon
Aww thx BL, i have been reading your posts and you have inspired me soo much. Hopefully i will lose 5st sooon
Thank you. :)

You WILL. ;) Believe it - see it - and it WILL happen!! It's an exciting time - don't look at this as a "diet" - look at it as the BEST gift you could EVER give yourself!!!

Thx everyone.
I agree with you, i wont class it as a diet, its a new me.
Thx, they are the words i need bekimo.
My hubby he gets up on time every morning and he is on his 5th day, and now he turns the alarm off and wants to go back to sleep, also he did not go to bed before 11, and now we r going to bed at 10..lol its usually me who wants lots of sleep.
Great news Lynn! I was so excited when I first started, and now on Week 3 and still think its one of the best decisions I've ever made. Brilliant that you're doing it with hubby - it is so much easier having a LL buddy - luckily I've found loads on here.
Thx ss...i juswt found out i have a friend i used to go to school with is also on it...its lovely to hear andalso a dj who lives in my area lost 17st on LL..It really does give you a buzz to hear these things and make you more determiined to stick to itxxxxxxxxx.
I have my first shake at 10am..woooooop


Guess who's back...?
Welcome Lynn!!! Can't wait to hear about your losses - it really is a phenomenal diet - I am only in week five, but no looking back, and have no regrets whatsoever. I did crave loads of foods in the first couple of weeks, and still do occasionally - but in comparison to the highs from losing weight, it is nothing to get your knickers in a twist about, hehe. GOOD LUCK and well done to both of you on making a fantastic life changing decision... :D

Annaphylactic x x x
Thx anna and brummygirl.
Yes im already glad i started.
Ewwwwwwwww...chicken....i feel sick, oh well they will be changed tonight, looks like im living on shakes..haha i dont mind!
That title edit is very cool BL. You need to double click on the little check box with the left mouse key then you can edit the title. It's fun :)

hhehe - its the little things in life, innit!? :)

Comes in handy though!!!
Hows your first day been hun?
Ive just finished my final food pack for the day and am feeling ok.
well i had my banana shake this morning, that was loverly...then...i...had....chicken..yuk! i felt sick all afternoon.
But i had a strawberry shake @ 6 was wondeful.
At ten i will have hot chocolate.
Been feeling lathargic, and headachy and the water is getting to me, so im just having a black coffee for a different taste. I have been feeling hungry but it is first day and my body has had a shock.
My dear hubby went for his first way in and lost an amazing 11lb in 6 days, i was gobsmacked when he came in and threw his log book at me..lol, but i was more excited than him, coz i know it works.

How have you been feeling?

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