Ye Gods - how much?


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Hi all

Rejoined sw last night after faffing about for a couple of years. I lost 4 1/2 stone 2 years ago then after a number of stressful life events fell off the wagon big time and just couldnt get back on again. Hence the rejoining and the horror of the first weigh in. I've not only put back on the weight I lost but an extra stone for good measure. :cry:

Have recently lost my mum and again turned to food for comfort. After several sleepless nights due to heartburn and feeling what the extra weight does to you - back pain, lack of motivation, lack of self esteem, general tiredness I could go on but I'm in a positive mood;)

Just wanted to say hi to everyone and a happy fitter and slimmer new year.
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Oh Vanda, Sorry about your recent problems- so sad to loose your mum- and sadness is such a trigger for wt gain. This really is a lifelong battle for so many of us.

You did so well for loosing 4.5 stone last time- I'm sure you can get into that zone again and starting is the hardest thing- once you get into the plan again the wt should fall away and your health return.

Wishing you all the best. Go Girl!


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Hi Vanda,

You obviously understand your triggers so hopefully you'll become more able to avoid them with the help of SW and the friends you make on here. Well done for taking that massive stop of rejoining and welcome to minimins! xx
You sound like you've had enough of being controlled by food and feeling ill, and you've been really successful before. You'll be fine!!! Plus it's even easier now with EE!!
Good luck xx


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Sorry to hear about everything xx

Welcome to the forum. The people here are wonderfully supportive xx


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Vanda. I know where you are. I lost 3 1/2 stone before having some naff medication that caused depression and weight gain. and I put it all back on and an extra stone. When I got my head back in the place where I knew I could do this again I came back to SW. I feel stronger because I KNOW I can do this and when I have STS or gains I dont mind because it WILL come off and I know this. So Im sure you wont be disheartened you'll be an important member of this forum who knows the highs and lows and the end result.
You'll do it - you've got the power!


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I'm sorry to hear about your Mum.
Good luck with getting the weight off, I'm sure you will do it again :)


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Sorry to hear about your recent troubles. It's good to know that you can do this diet though and you seem as though you're well motivated and in the right frame of mind. Good luck! Xx


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welcome to minimins and well done on taking that first step by joining SW. You'll soon be shifting those pounds and feeling all the better for it. Hope 2010 is a better year for you.

Mrs V

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Hi Vanda and welcome. I am so sorry to read of your loss I can only imagine what you are going through at this time.
The main thing is that you have made the effort to go back. Forget about how much you have or havent are doing something to sort that out now and the main thing is to look ahead.

Take care and good luck with your journey.



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Hi lovely, sorry to hear about your mum, I lost mine last year too and it caused a lot of emotional eating for me. **hugs**

It's disheartening gaining weight isn't it but I am really sure that you can do it again. This diet.. if you can call it that is something you can do for life so there is no reason why it can' stay off.

Welcome back xx

Devon Dolce

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Hello and welcome, you're amongst friends here xxx


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Hi Hun, sorry to hear of your loss. Your in the right place here though now. This website is fab and give out so much support with anything and everything. Best of luck on your SW journey x


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Welcome back to SW and welcome to Minimins! Sorry to hear you've gone through everything you have - well done for being here and good luck on your journey.

It's already been said, but it's true - this forum is supportive in all matters, so feel free to chat about any other stresses as well as SW topics. It's a lifeline to many of us and when I joined I not only gained support but a lot of friends too :)

All the best in your journey - don't worry about the weight gain and it's friends - you've lost it once and you can and will lose it again. Just start a fresh and enjoy it.



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Welcome back to SW and minimins, you will find us a very supportive and helpful bunch here. Sorry about your loss, but at least you are aware of your triggers and hopefully will learn to overcome them. You have done the right thing in starting again and I wish you good luck with your first week. if you need anything just shout, we are like buses, we come along together.


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I am so srorry for your loss hon. Well done on coming back here and to sw. Please don't see your previolus loss as a waste of time - had you not lost that you would be much heavier now, plus you now know you CAN DO IT!!!!
I wish you all the best hon xxx


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Welcome back on the plan and hope we can be your emotional support. Your mom is looking over you, so keep that as a motivation!


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I know exactly how you feel as I'm right there with you.Last year I had an awful year, went to about 4 funerals, lost my cat, car failed its mot and a variety of crappy events which meant I turned to what I thought was my best friend, food!It's always the same for an emotional eater like me!Anyways I have put 2009 and the weight I put on behind me and I am ready for 2010 and my weight loss!Was back at group last night, made a committment with a 12 week countdown and even offered to take the money every week for my leader, all steps to help me focus(although my wedding in june is a huge one)!Thank you for the warm welcome and I hope to get to know you all a bit better;-)
red x


plodding away
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Thanks to all for the great welcome and words of kindness. Am still off work at the mo going back next week - am taking advantage of the snow to have a stay at home lazy day today and plan my meals for the next week. Might have a go on the wii fit once I've dusted it off!