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YES! A doctor says I have no trouble with weight!


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Before I started to diet, I was 12 stone, which for my frame is quite heavy. I lost some weight after Christmas and then started CD at 11st 3lbs. I used to be 9 stone, but a cocktail of medications (the evils of Lithium, Depakote and antipsychotics-ouch) caused me to gain weight rapidly.

EVERY TIME I went to the doctor, he mentioned my weight. "OBESE" would flash up on the screen, ABOVE! mental illness. He considered my weight more of a problem.

I'd go through the humiliating ritual of being weighed and told I'd gained such and such. It really upset me because I've always had a fairly healthy diet. I really did gain weight due to medication. But he refused to accept this, and would scrawl, "Eat 10% less" on a piece of paper, which I'd then squeeze up and throw in a bin as soon as I left.

I was diagnosed with PCOS about two months ago and just after I changed GPs. I only met her this morning to discuss treatment for it.

What she said was that she wasn't going to pursue treatment at this time because I "clearly have few problems with (my) weight or skin", and my period is more regular now.

It was SO nice to be told that after two years of being called obese, and of it being my primary medical concern. I was so sick of being told that I was fat, even when I went to the doctor for other reasons. Now I am only mildly overweight and it's comforting to know that I LOOK mildly overweight too.

Anyway, hurrah! I hope never again to be "obese" in the clinician's eyes. They don't seem to take any medical concern seriously when you are!
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Thats great news!!! Nice to see you are being treated as a human being, not just another statistic. :) x


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Hi Seaneen,

Well done you!!
I too have PCOS and have about the same amount of weight to lose as you. Can I ask how long it has taken you to lose weight so far??
I ideally would love to lose about 44lbs in 3 months.
Sorry for all the questions but I think you have done really well.

Congratulations again really hope I am as successful.

Well Done xx


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Almost 2 stone in 2 months that is brilliant I hope I can do the same.

bloody doctors :) glad you found a good one.
Thats great news! It is so demoralising to go to a Doctor with one problem but to leave embarrased and self conscious about another. I had a doctor for years who insisted that my weight issues had nothing to do with my PCOS and all to do with my diet! Needless to say I changed doctor as its one placed you shouldn't feel judged.

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