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YES .....WW Diary


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I have no idea what I am doing besides that I can have 29 points. 49 for the week for goodies to make my meals better and treats.

Been to iceland and picked up some meals... I am a late worker and seem tired.. and want to get home and have an easy meal .. like the rest of us lol...

So today...


1 tblspn 0% greek Yog
10g All Bran
Deforsted fruit

Lunch....8 points

WW frozen chicken pasta
Capp 2

Dinner.....11 points

WW Frozen potato wedges with brocoli
bowl of brocoli
bowl of salad
then WW strawberry cheesecake.

I also had two small apples and pears....

Ermmm not sure what is free and what isn't... but would appreciate any feedback or links to where I can look... thanks all ....
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Just a question, you're asking about WW but your profile says SW. Not sure the 2 are interchangeable, so you'd need to be careful. Fruit and veg are basically free but somebody wrote a very good piece of advice which was fruit is free but don't go over the RDA. So 5 portions of fruit and veg are free but don't go eating a bag of apples or a whole melon lol.
If you're doing WW are yo doing it via a class or online as they have an esource area full of information (I haven't tried it yet I need the code lol).
On this site there is the WW forum which is full of information, which you can access and will hopefully help you.
I hope I've been of some help to you, hopefully you'll get more replies.
Good luck


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there are links but im not sure what they are - im sure someone will come along and paste them in for you soon. basically, all fruit and veg are 0 points except peas, sweetcorn, spuds and err... i think thats it? you should have gotten the booklet you need with basic foods in it. its all trial and error really. i would suggest reading the food diaries on here and getting some inspiration/ideas from those too.

i hope you enjoy your first week, it really is a great plan once you get used to it. for the first 2 weeks i relied a lot on WW meals so think thats a good idea until you are used to it. Just be careful as to whether the packs say 'points' or 'propoints' as they are different plans (just points are the old WW measures). Good luck! xxx


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I have done SW and lost a lost and then had an accident and had a lot of meds and was told that some would put weight on... I never realised this was true... so thought this time I would give WW a go!

I will read some of the diaries that is a good idea... I will also watch out for the Pro and just the points.... thank you for pointing that out...I went to Iceland and got a few meals from there..... I did have some fruit I forgot to add....

Think I had two apples and two pears... they were small and then father gave me a banana... I do love them... but have a feeling that is going to be a no no and only have half of small one :((


Breakfast... got up late so had banana and apple and pear on bus

Coffee 2 points

Lunch not had it yet but hungry headache ...erm WW Frozen chicken curry 8 points

Tut another coffee ......2 points. I did have some more bits of fruit in the day I think another apple.


Well had a large bowl of French beans and broccoli and some baby corn (as they are free ...right!) with WW frozen chicken casserole over the top...5 points

The this most lush chocolate mousse ....making my mouth water thinking about it lol. 4 points

So that is 21 points. Is that right?

I don't really drink milk so does anyone know how many points a muller low fat yogurt is or the shape ones please?

This is day two and don't feel too bad....still feel I want to be naughty but if I get lots of support please I know I won't ......pleassssse. Thanks
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dont worry, bananas are 0 PPs. you can always pad the WW meals out with salad or veggies to fill you more. x
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Hope all is going well x


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Well day 3 here... and feeling a little peckish! and I know that I shouldn't ...

But I have had...

B... Banana and apple and coffe...................2pp

L...WW Chicken pasta bake with baby corn ........6 PP

D.. No idea yet

Oh I had two small new potatoes... what are they in points.. anyone know please? thanks


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you are counting coffee as 2 pps... is that for milk and/or sugar?


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S: 19st7lb C: 18st2lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 49.6 Loss: 1st5lb(6.96%)
potatoes are 1pp per 50g (raw weight) x


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Mmm Well the coffee is a cappacino and did that with an online calculator so hope that is right and seen others with it so hope that is right???? And I only have sweetner ... am I right in thinking that is free?

I didn't weight the pots but it was I would say one large new potato so I will count that as a point on yesterday which was only I think 22 points now....

Am I doing this right?

I did bring a salad with me to work... was salad that I made last night for the blokes but then realised that I had put a bit of OOil on it and thought NOPE not eating that! But I do fancy some chocolate....today....


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sounds right to me. I didnt know if the coffee was ordinary instant which is 0 pp or something else. sweetner is 0pp so theres no probs there. your food looks right. x


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Just realised I think I have my food diary in the wrong place!!! eeekk

Does it matter? Mind you might make it easier for me to find it next time... lol


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S: 19st7lb C: 18st2lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 49.6 Loss: 1st5lb(6.96%)
nah i put my menu in this section and use it as a diary. its your space to fill with whatever you like. i couldnt be bothered to post in here AND in the other bit :D

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