Yesterdays Slip and Horror!


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Well for those of you who remember my yesterdays thread you'll know I slipped massively and felt like hell about it!
I'm in work and for some reason can't get onto that thread so I just want to thank you all for your encouragment!
I had actually been heading to an internet shop after the chemist yesterday when i bumped into my friend and got the idiotic idea of burger king to "kick start" my losses, pfft!
Anyhoo, it's done now and i woke this morning feeling really positive again, posting and "confessing" was the best thing i could have done!
I'm still very angry about how the pharmacist treated me though, also I forgot to mention that in his disgust that i lost only 2bls, and seeming to not believe that i had infact stuck 100% to it and accused me of eating he also said "2bls is simply not enough for someone so big" AND when he said this he did a big round motion with his hands aghhh!!
So i'll be complaining about him to my usual girl who's really lovely and helpfull next week!
Also i feel even MORE spurred on that he was such a little f88cker and can't wait for him to see me get smaller ha!
Cheeeek of him asking did i want to even bother do another week!! they are meant to motivate!

Thanks so much all of you, really helped!
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hey sweetie so so so glad your back on track again...make mini goals and just remember what he said everytime you feel down cos you will show him no problem.... assh***....
glad your feeling positive today.its a new day! and look at that quote you have there...your past does not equal nor does it dictate your future...
moving on and pretending it didnt happen is key. and jst remember how you felt yesterday when you next crave food...
best of luck for next weigh in and keep up the positive attitude x


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Hi Daisy,
I am truly horrified to read about your prat of a pharmacist yesterday - absolutely disgraceful. They should not be allowed to participate in the programme!!! I was rather annoyed when I went for my 2 WI on Monday - it was a different girl, she was very young, she openly admitted she "didn't have a clue what to do" with me - I even had to show her how to switch the scales on. Then, she tried to calculate my BMI......jeez, I don't know how I kept my cool, my 4 year old nephew could have done it quicker and easier!! I was so irritated, I asked to see the pharmacist when I got out of the room - he was "busy". I told her "I'll wait, I'm in no hurry". By the time he actually got round to seeing me, I was near boiling point. I explained that for £36/week, I expect a certain level of service/support, and to be handled by someone who wasn't even trained, was no acceptable. He tried to talk his way round this, saying the usual lady had called in sick, he didn't want to turn people away etc. I went on to say he should have contingency plans in place for such an exact situation!! He asked what I expected him to do - I told him I expect some of my money back, as I hadn't received the service advertised - it worked :)

I'm really proud of you Daisy, you've come back today sounding more determined, and well done you for fessing up to us!!



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Oh I should have tried that well done!!!
Yep I think anger is the best motivation haha!!
I can't wait to show him i'm 100%!

We are paying alot of money for this and it's only fair we get proper treatment and support!

Yippieee feel great!:)


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Glad this blip has spurred you on! I still think you should complain and make a complaint to LT.

I wrote to LT and praised my pharmacist because the girl I see is brilliant and has almost become a friend! She got feedback and thanked me for the letter to LT, so the feedback does get back to the pharmacy!!!

You certainly dont deserve that kind of treatment and nor does anyone else..they might not be as strong as you and fall completely because of his comments.

Have a great week and show them what you are made of!!!!


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I wonder if i have a burger it will make me feel better the next day? ONLY JOKING!!!

Pleased to hear you came through it daisy, good luck hun.