Yo Sushi!


The Diet Guy
I went to Yo Sushi for the first time today (the one with the food going round on a conveyor belt!)

It was superb!! Apart from the fact I managed to drop a thing of soy sauce all over my coat but the food was fantastic and very low in fat and so filling I haven't had any tea and just had a cranberry bar as I am still stuffed.

Long live Sushi!!

Ive never had it, wish I dare try iy lol!!!
I have never been! If you do go then you sit down and pick the dishes off the belt, there are 6 different colour dishes and are charged differently i.e. the thing on a orange plate is £1.50 etc. Then once you have finished they count up your plates and you get charged accordingly!! (by the way there is like virtually nothing on a plate before you think I ate like 5 plated of food!!)

It was lovely though! I even had some eel thing that looked grim but tasted lovely!

I'd love to go, I love sushi but Mizzy is very unadventurous with food and wouldn't go. So I need a Sushi buddy! Saying that my middle son loves it too. The sushi at Tesco is lovely too and as you say very filling even though it doesn't look a lot to eat. They keep it by the sandwiches normally by the entrance. I recommend trying it for any sushi virgins.

Icemoose what's the latest on the game show?

Dizzy x
you'd be fine with the sushi in our supermarkets though as the fish isn't actually raw. Its smoked fish, cooked chicken and veg in them . Sure the time it takes for them to get food on our shelves it would be gone off completely if it were raw.

Try it .....the m&s 1 is really gorgeous....mmmmmmmmmm:D
My OH works with lots of Japanise guys - forget the sushi, when his work collesagues come over from Japan they can't get enough.....

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