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Yo-Yo's weightloss however thread


Hello guys, I thought I’d keep a diary about my Cambridge Diet journey. I kept one while I was on Lighter Life and I think people quite enjoyed reading it. It also helped me, and I also found it quite inspiring to look back on. Unfortunately once I’d lost the weight, I didn’t do Route to Management, thought I was “cured” and promptly took only ten months to regain all the weight I lost plus 2lbs for good measure – BAH!

Had my “last supper” last night at a gastro pub. Garlic mushrooms for starter, then choriszo and red pepper sausages with red onion mash. It was so filling I couldn’t manage it all and didn’t have room for a pudding. As a result I find myself 0.4lbs lighter on the scales today than I did yesterday – start weight 13st 10.6lbs.

As a result of having a rare lie-in, It’s been 14 hours since I last ate. I’m just sitting down to my first chocolate shake, and first 500mls of water.

I’m feeling really excited because I know that in as little as 28 days I’ll be fitting back into clothes that I haven’t been able to wear in a while. I’m struggling for clothes at the moment, I only have three pairs of trousers that fit me, 2 pairs of jeans, and only 3-4 tops and I don’t have any going-out clothes that I could wear. I know for some people this might be enough, but I’m used to having to cram stuff into a wardrobe because I have so many clothes. I can honestly say that I don’t like wearing most of the clothes that fit me. I went charity shop shopping for clothes the other day and you can really see the difference size 12 and below are all lovely trendy pretty clothes. Size 14 is a mixture of LTP clothes and Old Lady stuff and size 16 and above is nearly all OL stuff. I love charity shops and can’t wait to be in a size 12 again.

I wanted a new pair of jeans for last night and couldn’t fit into a size 16 in New Look or Next (which are generally quite generous sizes for me). I refused to buy a size 18. I can’t wait to look good in a pair of size 12 jeans again!
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Hi yo-yo!
I am starting today as well, I feel exactly the same about my clothes, I have a massive w'robe full of clothes in sizes I can only dream of at the moment.
Good luck, we have about the same to lose so i will be reading your diary and checkiing up on your progress, feel free to do the same to me!
Hear's to DAY 1 !!!!!! (raises a pint of water) and good luck.
Day 1.

Day 1.

Weight today: 13st 8.4lbs (2.2lbs down on yesterday!!!!)
Water: 3.5 litres

Well, I managed day 1 and it wasn’t really that bad. I did feel a bit hungry but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t cope with.

I had three Lighter Life Sachet’s (leftover from my time, although there are very few, which are out of date left) and then one Cambridge diet sachet. I was making the butterscotch one up, and next door’s kids who were playing in the garden heard the blender so came in for a nosy and one of them said “Alison has them!” (their childminder, who I talk to at school). She’d been talking to me about Lighter Life a few weeks ago, so I told her about the Cambridge Diet being cheaper, so it looks like she might have taken my advice.

I didn’t really have any bad cravings for anything although I was slightly jealous about the lovely sausages and mashed potato DH and the kids had for their lunch (sob). Shopping is gonna be so much easier (and cheaper) cos I can just chuck stuff in the trolley without looking at calorie contents.

Already today I can tell a difference in myself. My stomach is less bloated and it was easier to fasten up my size 16 trousers (the one and only long pair I have for work!!!) that fit me. Another difference – but I’m not sure it would manifest itself this early on – is that already my energy levels seems to have increased. Normally I set my alarm for 5am, then press snooze every 5 minutes til 5:25am, but this morning I was wide awake as soon as it rang. Now, whether that is a buzz I’m getting already, or whether I just couldn’t wait to jump on the scales to see how much I’d lost, I don’t know. We’ll see tomorrow about that one LOL.

I’ve made a little print out with squares on it to represent half pounds, and another set to represent days, so it’s nice to colour off four squares to represent those two pounds already!!!
YESSSSSSSS! I'm in ketosis. I checked my wee stick this morning and it was bright pink, although the rotten taste in my mouth should have given it away.

Weight this morning 13st 7.8lbs, so 0.6lbs down on yesterday and 3.2lbs in two days.

1st milestone reached, now am only in the 180+lb bracket, rather than the 190+lb.
Day 3

Weight today: 13st 7.2lbs
Loss: 0.6 since yesterday

Day 3 was fine. I was still getting a few hunger pangs, even though I am in ketosis but they are easy enough to ignore.

I kept having “pity poor me” thoughts about food, but I kept fighting these off with motivational thoughts about how good I will look if I keep up to it. I'm glad I had a few sneaky snaps taken when I was slim, so I can see it will happen. It’s frustrating in those early few days when it’s such hard work for little visible effort.

I spoke to next door’s kid’s childminder in the playground today and asked if she was doing CD and she said she’d lost 11lbs in 2 weeks doing it. I wish I was two weeks down the line LOL!!!

I've been using my time a lot more constructively now I'm not eating again. My previous evening would consist of: getting in from school at 3:30pm, plonking my butt at the computer, and having a competition to see how much I could eat until my husband got in from work. I'd then be full up, so wouldn't fancy anything for tea, and couldn't be bothered cooking (I'd still eat it though!) so would go out to Morrisons and spend money on something like a Pizza or one of their ready made takeaways so I didn't have to put much effort into cooking.

Now, I start making the tea as soon as I come in, and do some tidying around. I'm even finding myself with some reading time, and it's nice not to feel bloated and uncomfortably full.
LOL - that was the year I was born, Dorcas! I think they've made sizes bigger now, cos in 2000 when I weighed 10st 7lbs I was size 12-14. last year when I weighed 10st 7lbs, I was a 10-12!
Day 4

Weight today: 13st 6.6lbs
Loss: 0.6lbs since yesterday, 4.4lbs in total!

2nd milestone reached - now officially in the lower half of thirteen stone rather than the upper zone, now the lightest I have been since the beginning of June this year.

Am definitely in ketosis, no doubt about it, although I am still getting hunger pangs. I now officially have enough CD packs to last me through til I see my CDC next Monday (I went in March, bought a week’s supply, used a couple, then fell off the wagon). I’ve been using slightly out of date chocolate shakes from LL since Sunday. I had my first CD shake today, which was mint chocolate – and it was lovely! However, I used to like having four packs on LL, so I think I might have to split one of my CD packs.
Day 4

Weight today: 13st 6.2lbs
Loss: 0.4 since yesterday, 4.8 in total.

I felt a bit down and fed up yesterday. Firstly I had forgotten to put my LL water flavouring in my handbag and only discovered it when I got to work. I managed 1-and-a-bit litres of water unflavoured but after that it made me gag. I really, really, really hate plain water. I was thirsty and my mouth tasted horrible, so at lunchtime I went out and got some coke zero (which didn’t taste that much better to be honest!) and made that last the afternoon.

Secondly one of my colleagues had baked the most delicious looking carrot cake, it was massive, and there weren’t many people in the office yesterday, so there’s even some left for tomorrow. I love home-made cakes and was devastated I’d missed out on it.

There was also the breakfast butty run in the morning morning, so that was something else I missed out on (although breakfast butty’s probably helped me to get into this mess in the first place).

The first few days of SS are soooooo boring because you (or others) can’t see results (even though you can see them faster than you would on WW or SW….however I could have had a slice of my friend’s lovely carrot cake on WW or SW….boo hoo!!!)

I didn’t cave in though.

Anyway…..I’m happier today (YAY)....although disappointed with my weight loss, because at my first pop in sessio (which was on day 5, which today is, I had lost 6.1lbs, and now at the same stage this time, I'm "only" at 4.8lbs), I had hoped for a really big loss on my first week (considering how I am 2lbs heavier at this starting weight than I was last time). Still, I wouldn't have had that loss in my first week on any other diet!
Day 5.
Weight today = 13st 4.2lbs
Loss - since yesterday 2lbs, 6.8lbs in total!!

Wow! What a good loss today. I'm really pleased because I was so close to packing it all in yesterday afternoon. I felt really miserable and fed up and depressed because I couldn't have anything to eat. It was only the sense that i KNEW if I packed it in, then I wouldn't lose weight following WW/SW/Calorie counting because I just don't have the willpower. Abstinence is a much better option for me. I did find yesterday really difficult though, I'll admit. I forced myself to drink loads of water, and must have had about six litres.

This morning I tried on a pair of trousers I bought about 8 weeks ago. I had accepted I needed a pair of size 16 trousers for work, so bought a cropped pair of grey ones from Peacocks. I got them home, and they fit alright, I had to wear a belt with them and thought "Hmmm maybe I should have tried the size 14 on" but as I'd already worn them, I couldn't take them back to the shop. I went back and bought a size 14, but when I got them home, they were too tight around the waist/stomach and pulled across the hips. Anyway I have tried them on today, and they are alright! I can get rid of the 16s and wear the 14s instead.

I also measured myself yesterday when I felt depressed at the numbers on the scales and discovered I have lost 5.5cm off my waist already!

Tried some more of the CD flavours, I like the Banana and strawberry too...

Wayhay - just noticed another landmark!! I now have "thirty something" pounds to lose instead of "forty something"!!!
well done, you are doing great! I too have 39lbs to lose so i reach my goal of 10stone 7lbs. What height are you? Im doing LL again after losing weight last year and putting some back on. I am at the beginning of my 4th week and feeling great. I lost 17lbs in 3 weeks and no other diet can do that! Its fab! We seem to have similar goals and i will be reading your diary to see how you get on. Keep up the good work and you will be size 12 in no time!

Diane xx
Thanks for the support Diane, I'm 5ft 4in. I was reading back my old LL diary in the LL Forum, and I can't believe how positive I was back then, and how I allowed myself to put the weight back on!!!! Good luck to you too. x
Weight today: 13st 3.4lbs
Loss: Since yesterday 0.8lbs, 7.6lbs in total

YAY!! Today is my official weigh-in as it was a week ago today since I started, and I am delighted to have lost 7.6lbs. It really seems to have come off, over the last couple of days! I love this diet.

I found yesterday a lot easier as DH was around nearly all the time, and I tended not to eat a lot when he was there anyway.

My "reward" for today is that I can fit into the 36" mens trousers that I bought a week ago last Wednesday and when I got them home and tried them on with some tops, I looked a right fat mess with belly pouring out over the waistband. Anyway, they are fitting a lot better now. I can't wait to be fitting into my tiny size 12 jeans again!
WELL DONE!!! you can do it yo-yo!!
I read your old diary from start to finish and felt so sad when i saw your downwards spiral towards the end, i know you will have learned from that and will do it right this time! NO PICKING and you will succeed! You have it in you!
Remember little pickers wear bigger knickers!

Diane xx
Weight today: 13st 2.6lbs
Loss: 0.8lbs since yesterday, in total 8.4lbs!!!

Woohoo!! Another good loss. Yesterday seemed like such a long day though cos I didn't go anywhere, so was stuck in the house all the time. Boredom eating is my big downfall, so that is what I wanted to do all day.

I see my CDC for the first time since I started doing this stint (day 9) so I'm looking forward to getting some bars for lunches. I've decided on Mint chocolate, banana and strawberry shakes for the rest. I'm not too fond of the soups. I used to like the LL soups, but I haven't liked any of the ones I have had on CD.
Weight today: 13st 2.6lbs
Loss: 0 since yesterday - 8.4lbs in total.

Stayed the same today, but am totally cool with that. I had a bad afternoon yesterday. I finished work at 10am (I started at 6am) and went to watch the kids sports day - sorry, that gives the impression it was competitive (what a BAD thing to be) - I should have said "fun and games afternoon". I forgot my water flavouring and left it at work, and I cant drink plain water on it's own. I saw my LL counsellor at 6:30pm, got home for 7:30pm, and just didn't feel like having any water. I forced a little bit down my throat, but I only had a few glasses yesterday, nowhere near 2.5litres (or the 3+ litres I normally have). This meant I was thirsty, which disguised itself as hunger, so I nibbled at the kids teas. I know exactly why I did it, and why I felt that way - so I will be more prepared today.

I got some bars last night from her, so I can have a bar each day. I had a cranberry one last night, which was alright but I wasn't that fond of it, so I might have half for "breakfast" and half for "lunch". I'm taking a chocolate one today.

I nearly cried when I handed over £50 in a cheque to her last night (plus 2 water flavourings) so I want to lose as much as I can and not have to pay for much longer!!

I was also having these internal arguments with myself last night, that I have abstained from food for 9 days, therefore my addiction is over, and I could just try and eat sensibly and lose weight from now on (Whaaaaaaat???)
Hey yo-yo, we all have that evil little voice that tells us we could "just eat healthy and lose the weight that way!" NO NO NO NO NO!!!!! If that WAS true, we would have done it LONG ago!!! TRUST ME!! That voice is not to be trusted, its our bodies way of tricking us into eating again, and as you know once we start eating..........well, we cant stop, so DONT YOU DARE listen to it"!!! OK??? I want you to reach your goal and be happy again, dont let anything sabbotage it for you! ok??

Love Diane xx
Stayed the same today. I'm so depressed. How can I be staying the same when I'm barely taking in any calories. It's not fair! I must have drank five litres of water yesterday, I'm having all my shakes, and I'm in Ketosis. I really do want to jack it all in and try calorie counting again or WW! (that's what little voice in head is telling me)

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