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Yoghurt Alternatives to Muller Lights Please


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There is a long list on another thread - if you do a search using the search thingy at the top you should find it :)

I love the ww dessert ones though - they are really yummy, even better when on offer!!


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Thank you guys xx


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I really really like the Yeo Valley fat free vanilla one. It's not free, it's 1 syn for 100g but it is so nice and doesn't taste "artificial".
I also like the activia FF yogs but only buy them when on bogof!


Will be thin god dammit!!
I was seduced by a new Pearl Du Lait at the weekend.... I ate it and loved it....then discovered it was 9 syns!!!!! :( sob sob sob


Will be thin god dammit!!
Even more bloody annoying now i know their evil!
( very very tasty though)
I like Activia Fat Free yogurts - they are always on some kind of offer somewhere.I only buy Mullerlights if I am using them in a SW recipe or making yogurty jelly.I also buy Total 2% (half a syn for a pot, but I like it much better than the 0%) and add my own flavourings, sweetener, fruit, etc.


Not evil at all
Mullers are too expensive! I usually eat about 3 yoghurts a day so can't afford to eat them lol I get the shape fuller for longer yoghurts, they were on offer at Morrisons last night 68p for 4, if I remember correctly - same with the WW ones altho I only know that the dessert ones are free, not sure about the others. Onken Strawberry fat free is free too and really tasty :) I usually chop fruit up and mix it through the tub, it's so yum :)


Will be thin god dammit!!
68p for 4!
Im off to Morrisons then x


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Maybe I misunderstood I am sorry, I brought some last week and when i looked in my new food directory they were 1 or 2 syns except the strawberry cheescake?

Carla xx

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