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Andy R.

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i had similar issues with this i checked online and they were like 3 syns or something. im sure i was told at a meeting before that they were free tho. best not to risk it till u find out for sure. I love aldi's museli and wholegrain yogurts for 2 and a half syns. a bit steep but really tasty and filling :)


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What make are they? There are three different types listed, Be Light, Brooklea and Dairydale?? x
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They are brooklea. Havent any syns left due to overindulgence of wine at the weekend.
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Wow, they are 8 syns each. I would have thought these were free because they are virtually fat free. A warning to others - stick to mullerlight!!


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Tonight I treated myself to the Cherry Chocolate Muller with fresh strawberries and a meringue...it was delicious *licks lips*


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Hi guys... sorry, not sure if I'm allowed in here, but I'm a calorie counter who's admired the Slimming World diet from afar for a good while now! I was just wondering if anyone knows if Slimming World have a contract with Muller to recommend their yoghurts before other store-own brands or cheaper options? Do SW make money out of it?

Just curious. I love Muller lights myself, but not sure why they're automatically less 'synful' than other generic types that contain similar ingredients.


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I copied this from the official SW websiite some time ago in answer to why Aldi wholegrain yogurts are now synned when they used to be free, I hope this may answer your Q as to what yogurts are free....

In new guidelines issued by The Foods Standards Agency it’s advised that the wording ‘very low-fat’ on some currently Free Food yogurts and fromage frais is too vague and that it’s therefore replaced with the term ‘fat free’. As this claim can only be used where a product contains no more than 0.5g fat per 100g/ml we’ve amended our Free Food allowances which means that some yogurts and fromage frais products are no longer Free


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its scary how many syns are in the Aldi ones, they used to be free, oh well at least the mullers are delish

btw the new asda fat free ones are syn free


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Free foods and syn values are usually detirmined by how much, fat, sugar and salt they have as well as how filling they are. I doubt SW has a contract with Muller - just nearly all their varieties are free so it's quicker to reccomend them that go trough ever own brand :p


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Oh have just seen this thread... so they are not free at all? How disappointing I was sure I had read they were free..

Oh well some syn adjusting needs to be made tomy diary entries..thought they were just too yummy to be free lol



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Really? lol, trust me and my little food searches.. didn't think to look when they were written :D.. I will live in hope then you never know,

thanks for pointing that out Starlight,


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