you probably may already know this but...


MM addict
I visited and started to fill out my own food diary...
I was writing in my HEXB box, and discovered a whole lot more choices on there...
And most importantly my favourite cereal bar ever sainsbury's bgty apricot & peach bar!
Im made up i've found a lot more choices for the next week.
I hope it'll help you all too
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Is so very nearly there!
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Yay its so cool eh! I dont use but Yay! x


I ate my willpower!
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I use it everyday too. I find it really user friendly which makes a change!


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Oooh, thanks... I didn't notice any of that. I'll have a look later. Thanks again! :)

Mrs V

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Because Im not a member, I dont have the privilidge of this option, but when I was a member, I used it all the time!


MM addict
i love it, just recorded my weight loss on their too, lots of great info on there ...
all in all class and website use for less than a fiver a week it aint that bad lol


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They have an online food diary now? That's quite exciting!


ooh sounds great! I will start using it this week I think as I keep messing up my written one so will be much tidier!!