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Your Success!

I lost 100lb at 1lb a week - not very inspiring is it LOL, but I'm glad I plodded on because I got there in the end.
I think that we're all different! My loses are:

Week 1 - 3.5
Week 2 - 3
Week 3 - 4
Week 4 - 3
Week 5 - 4.5 (??!!??)

Anyway, I do understand the frustration (I am expecting to not continue like this), but the example that eternity sets is that it will go and then imagine how proud of yourself you will feel. Don't get too downhearted. x
I lost 42lb to get to target and it took me 15 months. It seems a long time, It took me 6 months to lose the last half stone but I stuck with it.
Almost 2 years later, I still go to group and still struggle each week to maintain this weight but I manage it!!
thats amazing - i think I'm just too impatient! I'm about 4.5 stone overweight and have slowly been piling it on... I'm so desperate to feel good about myself... I just want the weight to be gone and to go and buy beautiful clothes that dont cling to all my lumps and bumps but just glide off me - I know realistically it will take time I just wish I had a magic wand sometimes!
I've been following the plan for 5 weeks and have lost
week one - 6 lbs
week two - 3 lbs
week three - 1 1/2 lbs
week four - 1 1/2 lbs
week five - 5 lbs

Really pleased with myself so far, been having my syns and eating loads of lovely meals.

Well done to you all with your great losses too x
thats incredible! I'm very jealous. I'm going to india for 3 months in 6 weeks time and really want to shift a substantial amount before then...

any secrets kellie e?
i follow the EE plan which 1 do you do? cos what iv had 2 do is keep my carbs intake 2 a min or i feel bloated and dont loose as much so even thou pasta rice n potatoes are free i try just 2 eat them twice a week if i can, also i keep referring bak 2 my book all the time, your loss is still good any loss at all is an achivement so b proud of yourself :) xx
yer i write evrything down and if i hav a big treat 1 day ie a takeaway then i do loads of boxing on the wii 4 a few days after lol plus if u do your syns as 105 for the week instead of 15 a day i find that helps xx
2 years and 9 months and i've lost 3 stone 10 lbs.

Not the fastest ever, and 11 more lbs to go, but that's fine, so longs as it comes off!

And i am NEVER going to put it on again! xxx
week one ... lost 9
week two ... lost 2


A sucker for a key change
13 weeks, 10lbs. I'm Pee'd right off at how slow it is if I'm honest. Especially when I see so many posts where people lose despite cheating. I don't begrudge them btw, I am just annoyed that I try so hard to be 100% with such slow results...
i have always been a slow loser , anytime i joined SW was the same so now watching my calories too and eating more free foods

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