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You're weight losses into sausages!!!!


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Alright guys and dolls!

Have noticed a few posts on here lately with people not being happy with their weekly losses.

When I was on tfr if i ever felt low about a weekly loss then i'd put it into perspective and look at it in terms of sausages!!!

Weird yes but look at this:

1 pack of 8 sausages = 454grams.
454grams = 1lb of weight

So, if you lose 1lb a week thats a pack of 8 sausages.

When you've lost you're first stone you've just lost the equilivant of 112 sausages! Thats impressive, wouldnt you agree?! :)

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Here we go again!
Good point Tanya. I remember this post last year and it really cheered a lot of people up.

So far I've lost 440 sausages!!


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Phenomenal Bev! :D x


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woohoo, that puts it into perspective; I need to shed some more sausages! Thanks for the visual Summergurl!


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No problemo :)
I did do this post when I was on tfr but I can't find it - mind you, it was around a year ago lol


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1kg bags of sugar are a good one too. Lose 4lb and it's 2 bags of sugar. Lift 2 bags and be amazed at the weight.
actually seeing those sausages helps, i think you said ive lost 196 sausages omg, can yoou imagine piling all our sausages up on the table? gosh

my nan sais to same to me with lard today, she said a pack of lard is half a lb
Good god....does that mean i have lost the equivalent of 400 sausages????


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