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yoyo dierter needs to lose 6 stone


wants to be slim
Hi - i am joining this forum as i hope a lot of you know how i feel... i have been on a diet all my life and i am now about 6 stone overweight and hate it.. i love my life and have a great job, and have a wonderful family who love me for me and not what i look like and they would never call me fat.. but I am.. I am a size 20 and I hate it.. i don't want to be super slim just about a size 14 would be ideal.. but i don't seem to have the willpower anymore and there is always something coming up that i make an excuse for not starting my diet so i never start and i say to myself i'll start tomorrow..but it never happens .... Ive decided that Tuesday 1st September will be the day my diet starts again and i will try the lipotrim diet as i am addicted to food and think about it all the time so the only way i can lose weight is to cut it out all together..i would love to think that there is something medical wrong with me and thats why i'm fat, but the fact is I love food and I eat too much of it - i did the lipotrim earlier this year and did lose 30lbs in weight but then summer, weddings, birthdays and holidays came up and ive put on about 20lbs but i want to lose it again as i felt a lot better. I am off to india in the middle of October so need to lose weight as that is a long time on a plane and would like to be a bit smaller by then-- so i have about 5 weeks to lose some weight. Hope you all have a good weight loss this week and that i do start my diet on tuesday xx
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hey best of luck i'm on a similar journey, but i'd like to lose about 8 stone. although our size and aim size is not too different, i'm about a size 22 and would like to be a 14. i am also about to start vlcd.at the mo i am cutting back my carbs and that in preparation x


wants to be slim
When are you planning on starting on your vlcd... I'm in blackpool this weekend thats why i'm not starting until tuesday lol
properly starting on sunday as i have my works leaving do tomorrow and plans for sat. after that, gonna try and ss until end of dec. im here a lot for moral support if you need it :)


wants to be slim
That would be great, and i definately need lots of moral support.. once i get into the diet then i'm not too bad but its the getting started and sticking too it for the 1st couple of days that are the worst for me.. i'm an all or nowt sort of girl.. its the same with exercise i love doing it and once i start it then i can go everyday swimming or to the gym but if something gets in the way then thats that and i don't go back again. I am hoping to stick on lipotrim for 5 weeks then refeed to go to india - then go back on it again until i get to a size 14... which hopefully will be by xmas. Any support i can give to you also then i am here to help..
i'm the same, i can get really into something but i'm very easily led off track and don't seem to be able to get back on board when that happens. you've proven you can do it before so i'm sure you'll do it again!! unlike me, this is my third time on vlcd, i've not made it past the first week before but i really hope i can this time. it means too much to me to keep on and on failing! i tried lt very very briefly once but couldn't handle the shakes! i did cd and the packs were nicer but this time i'm trying exante seeing as its cheaper. thanks honey, and i am on minis (and this section) every day without fail, so always here if you need someone to rant at. x


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Heya Claz i just came on to see how your doing.

Hey Claz. Dont know if you remember me hun, we were doing the cambridge diet together n i failed miserably lol well im hoping to start celebrity slim on the 1st september do you fancy being buddies again?
You can and will do this hun just like i will but we need to get the first few days over with!!! Big hugs hun...

Colly & Claz you both sound like me, i can start something but then if im led off track i never get back on track and make more n more excuses!
We can all be buddies together. I have 4stone to loose till im at my goal. Im getting married next year (hence the pic there <) Hopefully i will do this and be able to look n feel like the princess in me. Good luck girls look forward to chatting. xx
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Hi All, I started Lipotrim Total Food Replacement on Tues 10th of Aug' in my 1st wk i lost 6lbs/ hlf a stone, 2nd wk lost 5lbs, and this week on Tues' I started a semi tfr and refeed as advised by Lipotrim due to the fact I'm going away next wkend.
Well i went to my Pharmacist for a cheeky weigh in to see how much weight I'd put since the change over a few days earlier and was surprised to be told that I'd lost a further 6lbs in less than half a week.
My problem of weight gain was mainly due to not eating regularly and having osteomalacia which after approximately 4yrs developed into osteoarthritis and my weight over those years had plummeted from approximately 9 1/2 stone to 17.02st and a clothes size 22-24.

Lipotrim I will say is very good. The Howard Group that run it are a great support, aswell as being very good advisors, listeners and most of all will take the time to listen to your background health and way-of life and are only a phone call away (during office hrs). Lipotrim you do either through one of their list of Pharmacists, your Doctor or via a hospital referral.

If you have any questions give me a shout (as I'm always ringing them for answers:D).

hey anewme,
with 4 st to go you could potentially be at goal by 2011! what a fab thought that'd be, unfortunately for me that deffo isnt going to be the case unless a miracle occurs, lol. the dress in your pic is gorgeous x


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well done on your fantastic loss so far and all the best for kissing goodbye to the rest xx


wants to be slim
Hi Anewme... yep i do remember and i failed miserably on the cambridge diet as well.. well the diet didn't quite start today so already an excuse but i got back from a weekend away last night really late and well excuses excuses it didn't happen, .. but i worked it out and with the cambridge diet stuff and the new lipotrim stuff.. if i start on thursday it will take me to a week on monday before i need anymore sachets .. so that is what i'm going to do.. Thursday is my starting date now, ... so would love to buddy up again to keep us motivated as i am determined this time...lol


wants to be slim
oh.. and im sure you will look lovely in your dress next year xx


Bring On The New Me!
Thank you Colly, Im sure you will get a fab loss by then too.

Claz, i dont think cambridge diet was a good thing to go for really as i need to change my eating habits not starve myself lol...
So im sure us budding up again will help spur us on also very determined. Now we have set the date i cant wait. So scared about going dress shopping though.
Start thursday and just think positive thats what im doing and im hoping it will help lol xx


wants to be slim
well . its day 3 of lipotrim diet....i'm hungry but i'm not giving in...drinking plenty of water and i will stick with this as i know i can do it as i did it for 8 weeks last time so i know things get easier.. colly and anweme... how you getting on with your diets this week - did you start them ? have you stuck to it ?
well done claz, and stick with it. You'll beat the hunger barrier


Bring On The New Me!
Claz well done hun! Stick to it and you will be the slimmer you in no time!

I am now on day 3 n its going fab.... But as i am on my af im craving chocolate and cake but am however stepping away from them. x

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