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I have just tried one of those peanut bars.

Yuck - I can't describe how disgusting they are :yuk:

Does anyone have any tips for making them taste any better? Even the texture was horrible and I can't get rid of the taste.

I'd read somewhere that some toast them to make them taste a little better - doesn't work!

Can't believe I'm actually looking forward to a strawb shake later - woo hoo!!

Kirstie x
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I read a fews posts where people have crumbled them into half a choc shake, not something I've done as just the smell of the bars makes me heave!!
Haha, tbh, I would just steer clear, they're proper disgusting! At least if you hate the shakes you can down them pretty quickly, but it takes a long time to chew something gross! ;-) I don't think I've heard of anything that sounds like it would make them OK.



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:giggle: they are rank!!

I used to have a couple in my drawer for incase i fancied something to nibble, ya know to give my jaw a workout! :rotflmao:

I used to break it up into a little bit, put it on a tea spoon then lower it into a hot black sweetened coffee and eat it like that.

You could try the same with tea too ...... it just made it that little bit palatable!


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I think i am one of those random people who like them lol
I actually have one for lunch at work and nibble at it so it lasts an hour!! Granted they are not the nicest tasting things by any means, but its nice to chew.
They taste better now 6 weeks down the line when all i've had to this point is strawberry shakes!!!

Now the coconut ones..... sweet jesus they are WRONG!!!


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They are absolutely disgusting and they smell horrible as well- i even asked my hubby to try it as he eats owt and he was nearly sick as well - took ages for the taste to go away... yuck yuck yuck..
I quite like them but I crush half a flapjack and put it in half a warm shake. Coconut with vanilla & peanut with chocolate. It makes a puddingy type concoction which does make a change & will help you get rid of the flapjacks before next weigh in.
yes they are horrible had some bars when i did lt in 2006 had one never again taste horrible. finds shakes much nicer :D


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I bought 2 about 5 weeks ago and managed to get through 1 1/2 by having half with half a shake the way people have described. The other half has been sitting in my cupboard since then because I couldn't face it. This week I decided it really should be eaten to save wasting it and it wasn't actually that bad. It had gone hard but my taste buds must have changed as I couldn't taste the sawdusty, cardboardy taste anymore!!

It's funny, when I started on LT and reading veteran's posts on here I thought i'd never get to the stage where the diet was easier and the flapjacks tasted okay but it seems like i'm there!!!

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