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~Zarafa's Xenical Diarryyy~~

I went to see my doctor today, and persuaded her to prescribe me xenical.

Unfortunately, she also prescribed Tamiflu, as it turns out I have swine flu :cry:. I dunno if it's the power of suggestive thinking, but as soon as I got back I ran up a fever, and had chills :jelous:, but I'm feeling a lot better now :)

I'm thinking to wait till I'm better then start xenical, but if anyone can suggest low fat foods they normally have, I would be muchly grateful xx
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I normally have shredded wheat in the morning with semi skimmed milk. I should probably changed to skimmed though.

For lunch I normall have a tin of baxters soup as they have a good veggie range (I don't really like meat in my soup) but if you read the label most soups are pretty low fat (avoid "cream of...") and lowish calories.

Hope you get over the flu okay :)


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aww not good about the swine flu.. had that a few months ago.. NOT NICE!! i didnt really eat a lot that week anyway, as the Tamiflu did really mess my stomach up. i wasnt sick, but just felt it... but thats one thing you have to put up with rather than the temp... make sure you are keeping up with you paracetamol/nurofen, even when you start to feel better, because it tricks you (well it did me!) felt fine, stopped the pain relief and WHAM it shot me back down!!!

have a look through peoples diaries, and then you will get more of an idea of what people eat...
im having slim fast shakes so im not the best to ask about foods...
but try going to your local library and look for low fat books. (thats what i did.) and now ive got about 12 books!! lol
Ohh sorry about the flu ....... i'd wait until you were better before starting the xenical, you need all the vitamins from your food to help you get over the virus.
I waited about a week after being prescribed them before starting too, I wanted to make sure all the fat Id eaten in the run up to going to the docs had had a chance to pass thru and be digested natrually. I just followed the xencial diet without taking the pills, then when I felt ready I started the pills, which was good as I had time to plan my meals adn have suitable foods etc in.

You will see from the diarys what most people eat, to be honest I tend to be a convenience eater and have a weight watchers or super markets healthy range meal and bulk it out with loads of veg. I know its not ideal adn there are loads of hidden preservs and additives in them, but juggling work and family life doesnt leave a lotta time for cooking.
I do cook for my hubby and daughter, but they have normal lovely food like pasta bakes and spag bol and mince and tatties mmmm yumm! All a no no for me :(
Good luck and make the most of the forum
Thank you kathryn, kes and pamela :)
The flu reared it's head today fully, I guess. Atleast, I'm hoping it won't get worse. Tamiflu's useless, but paracetamol is my new best friend :D

Provided I don't feel worse, I'm going to start on Monday, and I'm gonna read a few diaries to get a better idea of what to eat. I'm focusing on low fat food at the moment anyway, so I'm guessing it won't be that much different. My doctor didn't really have an idea of what it's about, so she's referred me to a dietitian, but it might take a while before I get an appointment.
Is there a calorie amount you're supposed to stick to? And what about Sugar? because a lot of low fat items I notice have a crazy amount of sugar in them :/


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check out my fitness pal. it will be able to work out a good amount of cals for your daily needs.
i would personally try to stick to low cal, low fat and watch the sugar...
its amazing how much sugar is in low fat things... and it soon catches you out!!!

good luck, and i do hope that you are feeling better by monday....
Thanks Kes :), I'm going to watch fat and calories :)
Day 1:
Peppermint tea + brown sugar [35cal]
Medium Skinny Mocha, no cream, splenda [1.3g, 156cal]
Haddock Chowder [1.8% fat, 10.8g, 352cal] (split into 2 portions)
Yoghurt [2.9g fat, 111cal]
Total Calories: 654cal
Total Fat: 15g
porridge oats with semi-skimmed milk 212 cal 4.18g fat
Tea + sugar [16cal]
Soup [instant] - 111 cal, 6.3g fat
Minestrone soup - 222 cal, 5.3g fat
Yoghurt - 275cal, 0.5g fat
Weetabix + skimmed milk - 430cal, 4.6g fat

Total Calories: 1266 cal
Total Fat: 21.5g fat

20 minutes treadmill
10 minutes rowing
10 minutes hula hoop
5 minutes cycling
I thought I'd eaten less. No more yoghurt and instant soup. Need to go fruit and veg shopping.
Dec 2nd
Weetabix + Skimmed milk - 220 cal, 2.3g fat
Minestrone Soup - 222 cal, 5.3g fat
Yoghurt - 97cal, 3g fat
Pasta with kidney beans
Cottage cheese

10 minutes rowing machine
10 minutes treadmill
10 minutes cycling
5 minutes eliptical
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