Help needed - how do you set your targets?


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I have no idea how to go about setting targets!

I have one target so far, which is hit a BMI of 35 (I'm hoping this will be the point at which I can be referred for diagnosis/treatment by my doctor) but I have no idea what a reasonable time frame for this would be!

I'm at 41.3 now, but I don't know how many lbs are in a BMI point (if it's logical to say it that way!) and how long it takes to loose those lbs on average (I'm following a TFRD so hopefully it will be quicker than 2lbs a week, but there always plateaus and what not).
Has anyone ever done calculations like this? Where did you start?

The other target I was thinking of was a dress size. I'm currently a size 22 and heavily pear shaped so shopping is an horrendous experience.
I have a wedding in October though that's going to be a total posh-fest. I love the bride and groom dearly but she is a city accountant and every single on of her friends is rich, sporty and unreasonably stylish, he works in estates or something for one of the royals and again, everyone he seems to know is rich, sporty and unreasonably stylish. It's at some big country house so everything is going to be all elegant and sophisticated.
So I don't want to turn up in my usual full skirted, may-as-well-be-a-four-year-olds dresses and stick out like a sore thumb in the photos for all eternity. I wanted to try and find something stylish and grown up and nicely tailored. I would love to be able to wear a vintagy wiggle skirt style.

So the plan was to hit the sales at the end of summer with whatever I can muster and hopefully, a much smaller bum. I reasoned that if I could get in to the 16-18 size range it would give me a much broader selection on the sale rails in shops that don't charge a fat premium!

Is dropping 3-4 dress sizes in 4 months at all achievable? Has anyone managed it?

I'd be so grateful for any advice!
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I have no idea about targets, really - I just pluck random numbers out of my head, and think it's neater to get to a BMI of, say 43, rather than something 'scruffy' like 43.1, or that 140kg looks like a better target than 139.8kg.

I use the NHS BMI calculator to work out how much I will need to lose for each BMI point (it will vary on your height and, as your weight changes, there will be a different number of lb/kg in each BMI point), here is the link Just amend your current weight to see what BMI you get.

Sorry I can't help you with the size goal, as I have no idea. The wedding sounds amazing, by the way!