Zoes propoints food diary :)

Hiiii. A bit of info about me:
I'm 18, and a student, in Essex.
I'm currently at my heaviest ever, 9 stone 3, which I've been stuck at for a while. None of my clothes fit, I have no confidence and I've stopped going out with friends, haven't been out for a long time. My goal weight is about 8 st 5. I've been doing weightwatchers propoints for a couple of weeks but havent lost anything, I think its because I've been eating too much fruit and veg. From now on I will stick to 5 portions a day. I'm a pig a lot of the time, I eat far too much when I'm bored or depressed. I do have problems with binge eating when bored/depressed. But I do like to eat healthy as it makes me feel better :) I drink far too much diet fizzy drinks, from now on I'm going to try to cut down to 1 can a day maximum in the week. I start my week on a friday. Unfortunately the past 2 days I've been a pig and used my weekly propoints allowance already, thats what I end up doing when stuck in the house alone. But hopefully it should balance out by next friday :)
Anyway I'm going to plan out my food here the day before, and if anything changes I will edit it. :) I'm on 29 a day.

Sunday 30th January: Today ended up being more snacky/picking at things than I wanted it to!

-Toasted wholemeal english muffin (4) with 2 medium scrambled eggs (4) and diced tomatoes (0)
-An activia peach snackpot yoghurt (3)
-A wholemeal pitta bread (4) with 1/2 tin of baked beans (4)
-200g chicken breast strips (5)
-A strawberry nutrigrain bar (4)
-2 bananas (0)
-3 small apples (0)
-Carrots (0)
-A weightwatchers strawberry yoghurt (1)
-2 cans of pepsi max (0) glass of water with lemon (0)
Total: 29

Did no exercise today, lazed about the house all day :/

Also, does anyone know if pickled gherkins have points? I don't think they do, but I wanted some just now but didn't want to before double checking...
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Monday 31st January:

Breakfast: 2 weetabix (3) with a pot of vanilla muller light yoghurt (2) mixed summer berries (0) and chopped banana (0)

Lunch: A wholemeal pitta bread (4) filled with 50g reduced fat hummus (3) and salad (0). Plus a small apple (0)

Dinner: A tin of mixed beans in a spicy tomato and red pepper sauce (9) with a seeded tortilla wrap (4) slice of reduced fat cheese (2) and salad (0)

Total: 27. 2 left to play with...