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Zumba Classes

Has anyone done any? What did you think?

I am thinking about joining a local class to force me to do some exercise, as although I bought some exercise dvd's to do at home, I find I don't do them very often.

Zumba classes look really fun too. Is kind of a mix between dance and aerobics.
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Hi there,

I started doing Zumba classes at the beginning of January, they are probably one of the best exercise classes I've done . The music is great, the vibe, atmosphere and dance moves are almost party-like. The dance moves/exercises range from Latin American, African Calypso, Greek belly dancing, street dance, jive and so on..

Whilst I am not convinced that it has helped my weight loss, it is brilliant for shaping and tonning with very visible results - I only wish I had taken my measurements back in Jan, but as a ballpark, I have gone down two belt holes in 7 weeks :D. Like any exercise class you do have to remember to tense your muscles when do the moves to really make it work. You also probably need to do at least 2 classes per week.

Hope this helps - enjoy!!


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they do this at my gym - but on at the same times as my spinning class...and I love my spinning class, so not tired it out yet....
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They put a notice on the board the other day at my gym saying that classes will be starting soon,I'll have to give it a try


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Its so funny that you should mention this Britmum, because I was thinking of joining some kind of dance class. I don't enjoy exercise but I LOVE dancing and I was looking through different courses they offer at a university near where I work but the timetable clashed with my work hours :(
Did a search on Zumba classes in my area and there's one on mondays at 6! Perfect!! Thanks for sharing Britmum! Dancing is the perfect exercise, I lost half a stone from dance classes for my wedding and that was just from 12 classes!
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so so gutted all classes in my aea clash with work or univeristy :(
really wanted to go to one for a while, might buy dvd but would rather have motivation of going to a class!


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Brightonrosie, did you search on the website using your postcode, that's how i found mine? This is still taking off in the UK, so you may have to travel to a nearby class - my class is about 8miles from home. Here's the website www.zumba.com
Sadly my nearest one is 18 miles away. i will pop back to the site regularly to see if any start nearby x


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IVe heard this is brill :) the nearest one to me is the other side of town tho :-( need to keep my fingers crossed that there will be one nearer me soon x


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Never heard of zumba, going to look it up! I love street dancing but find getting to any classes difficult with the kiddies and a dh who cant/wont cook


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I tried Zumba on Sunday and it was FAB!!

One of the girls there had a calorie burning watch thing, and it had registered over 1000 cals by the end of the lesson. And it was F U N.

Def going again next weekend.
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How much does it cost for a class? It sounds great!


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Well, I don't know how much it would cost as it's one of the classes to choose from at the Fitness Club / Gym I joined last Friday. So far I tried Step (Saturday), Zumba (Sunday), and Dance Fit (Tuesday), and have been swimming three times - but I'm not much good at swimming so I only do about 15 mins then stop.

Classes are so much better than being on your own with a bunch of machines, but Zumba is def the most fun (so far - lots more to try yet).

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This costs me £38 pcm (as a waged adult going at peak times)

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