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Start of week 4, i haven`t really done any exercise as such (only decorating) enuff in itself.
So zumba here i come, does it help with weight loss, seen lots of people do it but im rather cautious about it.
I worry its maybe for the slimmer people, don`t want to go and i can`t keep up.
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U will love Zumba it's amazing

I am off to my local class tonight

Its hard to believe but no one looks at u lol everyone is there for the same reason and I have also noticed that there are lots of different ppl there so don't worry

Relax and enjoy it xx
I started Zumba much heavier than you are now... definately not a thing for skinny people... definately a thing for people who love to dance and have a laugh. x


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Zumba's great! I used to go to my local class until it started clashing with aquafit (which I prefer simply for medical reasons - I have a bit of a funny knee and aquafit is *safer*!) and there were women of all sizes, shapes and ages. Give it a go!

Miss V

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Ooh - am going to zumba for the first time on saturday and am glad I read this thread as I was a bit nervous about going...
Am looking forward to it now :)
I have been looking at this for a while, would love to go but the thought is a little daunting. is it hard to keep up...im not a great dancer but it looks like alot of fun. Don't want to be the fat clumsy one at the back sweating my arse off! heehee!


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It is difficult to keep up for the first few sessions, but that's because your trying to learn the steps, but don't worry about it, cos there are always the fat clumsy ones sweating their arse off at back or front (me included). It's really good fun and you certainly burn alot of calories and I always finished looking like I'd been in the shower. I now do it at home via kinect, as it fits in with my day better.

Miss V

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So I went to my first class this morning and LOVED it! Am going to go to the Tuesday class too - yay! :D


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Well all that was my 1st and my last zumba class, i hated it, all tghe women there were prob a size 14 or below, i was the biggest, but the moves ect were way too fast and kept changing every few seconds, still i gave it a go.


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Oh it's a shame you didn't enjoy it, when you first go it does take a couple of sessions to get used to the steps, initially I felt that I was running from one end of the room to the other, but getting the steps does get a little easier. You say everyone was size 14 and under, but they might not have always been that size and there were certainly lots of different sizes at the zumba class I used to attend and the tutor was quite good at trying to explain the steps, not that I always got them.

If you think you'd like the idea of doing zumba, there are a few DVDs on amazon (not sure what they are like) but you can then do a few sessions at home so you can get used to some of the steps.

Also are there any other zumba classes in your area, as there maybe a better mix of abilities in another group that you may feel more comfortable


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Thanks tol but i just wasn`t for me i`ll stick to swimming and the gym as i love the both of them.
It's certainly best to stay with something that you enjoy, otherwise you will lose motivation. Good luck with the swimming and the gym.

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