I decided something like this will be a good idea rather than constantly referring to my calorie counting app! Might motivate me more too when I'm tempted by 'naughty' treats.
I started a couple of weeks ago and have seen a slight change but not much!
Anyway, I'm 23 with a 9 month old. Pre-pregnancy, I was around 9 stone - 9 stone 6lbs and that's what I'm aiming for! I'd like to feel good about myself again. I put on about 4 stone when I was pregnant. I'm currently hovering between 10'10 - 11st. It fluctuates a lot.
For the last two weeks, I have cut out bad treats completely but I've decided from now on, I'm going to have a small treat once in a while like a small bag of crisps or a bit of chocolate because I do end up going on a binge in the end to get my fix I'm stopping myself around 1300 cals a day and would like to aim to be a stone lighter (at least!) by August. I'm trying to do exercise too.
Today I've had (calories calculated from app):
One coffee - 47 cals
One fruit smoothie nfor breakfast - 312 cals
A small bar of chocolate - 65 cal
Fruit smoothie - 271 cals
Bag of crisps - 108 cals
Toast - 104 cals
Total so far: 907 cals

My last food of the day is always my evening meal, I don't snack after 6pm! No idea what it'll be but it'll be around 400 cals hopefully.
I definitely need to drink more water though so I'm going to go for a pint!
Also, as you can see, some days I do have a fruit smoothie as a meal replacement - I do measure and weigh everything that goes in for accurate calories.

Hope to post back tomorrow