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Thread: All or nothing

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    All or nothing

    I have a massive stash of shakes and soups in my cupboard they I haven't used from previous attempts at cd. Tried lots of diets but my motivation is rubbish. I have even tried to do half cambridge diet and eat healthily the rest of the time.

    the only way I'm going to lose weight is my committing to cd 100%

    i have done before and got good results but I didn't have the motivation to continue.

    so I've just weighed myself and I'm 13 stone 5. I have a wedding to attend in 3 weeks so would like to be 12stone 7 by the and a holiday in 7 weeks so would like to be 11 stone 7 by then. Hopefully I can do it!

    positive of the day - not hungry (yet)
    challenge of the day - going to the cinema later and will be hardworking avoiding popcorn and diet coke but I will take water instead

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    Hope your cinema trip went well, it's difficult to be social on Cambridge, I really struggle with it. Like you, I think a fair few of us who have tried the diet before have attempted to do various combinations in order to make it easier. My motivation and staying power are terrible, I usually end up on plan all week then blowing it over the weekend. This yoyo approach is getting me nowhere.
    I have a girls weekend away in exactly 8 weeks, I have never committed to the diet for this length of time 100% but I'm determined to do my best.
    Good luck to you, I think your goals are very achievable if you get your mind focused and get in the zone. Get that first week done and hopefully a really decent loss will keep you motivated.
    Let me know how you get on.

    Anne xx

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