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Thread: Hiya - In need of some guidance

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    Hiya - In need of some guidance


    I'm new to MiniMins and have been looking for a place to support me while I 'restart' my weightloss.

    I'm 24 and at just 5ft1 being 13 stone 2 is a good 3-4 stone more than I should be. I seem to be stuck at this 13 stone 2 mark as everytime I get to it no matter what I do I can't get below it. I've been on and off Diet Chef for around two years now but I get bored of their foods 2 months into the plan and am failing with trying to find an alternative. I've just purchased a vibration plate in hope it might help a bit, but seems they're more for 'toning up' rather than weight loss.

    I have decided that once the last of my Diet Chef meals have gone I would like to start my own plan but do not have too much of an idea of what to eat as my 3 meals and snacks. If anyone could guide me that would be brilliant, although I am sure there is lots of advice on the forum which I haven't seen yet!

    Any ideas for good snacks, easy breakfasts, lunches, meals would be brilliant.

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