Hi everyone

For the past 5 years I have been losing weight on my own, with my ultimate target being my wedding, which was 6 weeks ago today! I lost 6.5stone in total, and though that is a good achievement, I still have approximately another 1.5 stones to go.....the problem is I am currently experiencing the wedding and honeymoon blues....how does normal life ever match up to the best day of your life!!

However, rather than give up hope and start my old comfort eating, I have decided to do something about it....but I could really do with some help and motivation from you lovely people. I am determined not to let the weight start creeping back on .... especially as I have already had some comments from friends and colleagues that "I can now give up the diet, and enjoy myself again". Losing weight has given me so much confidence, and I really don't want to lose it!!

Anyway, I will be starting again on monday and have decided on trying slimming world from home, so any advice, tips guidance etc etc etc, I would be extremely grateful

Looking forward to speaking to lots of you soon

Kirsty x