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Thread: Slimming World - rejoiner ..Hello and a bit of advice pls

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    Slimming World - rejoiner ..Hello and a bit of advice pls

    Hello all. I am a rejoiner to slimming world after a very good weight loss a few years back. Despite that....the pounds have piled back on and something now has to be done about it. Pleased to say...that there is some weight loss after 2 weeks back...with a nice (but not brill) 3lb off today!!!

    I am slowly getting my head around the ee plan. I was truly a red and green girl!!
    I am also becoming quite the little (er loosely titled) gym bunny....loving the cross trainer and swimming and aim for about 3 times a week.

    I have avoided alcohol for A WEEK!!! and now after weigh in, I am enjoying a well earned...well missed glass of wine, and loving it.

    Anyway...pleasantries over...HEB advice please....
    I am loving the warburton thins...but are they a HEB or do I have to count the 5 1/2 syns?
    I was hoping for more of loss this week, as I have followed the plan so well....or so I thought. I am thinking that I am not doing it quite as right as I thought.
    Help and advice please and I looked forward to sharing my weight loss journey with you all. netti .
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    Well done on the 3lbs, any loss is brilliant! Warburton's thins aren't listed in the lastest Healthy Extras, so you'll have to syn them. The HEb is about getting enough fibre and they only do a brown thin, not a wholemeal one so they fall short on that score.
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    Please don't be disappointed with a 3lb loss - it's actually brilliant! SW, and other organizations such as the NHS, recommend a loss of 1-2lbs a week as being healthy and safe; if you lose quicker than that you're in danger of losing muscle rather than fat. Having said that, the bigger loss at the start of a diet is not to be worried about as a lot of it is water.

    There is nothing to stop you doing Red/Green if you prefer. SW tend to promote the EE plan as it is easier for many people particularly, perhaps, for those with a family.
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