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Thread: Want to change group but part of social team?

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    Want to change group but part of social team?

    Hello all

    I'm stuck,as to what to do...

    Our meeting had our consultant hand in her notice in April, then we had the team developer for a month, then another consultant cover whilst developer was training, now we've got another consultant until October when we get our new permanent one.

    all this chopping and changing bothers me way more than I think it should, but I got used to the developer and she holds a meeting on a Wednesday. I go to a Tuesday night one and I am also the weigher now, which I do enjoy and chat to everyone, but I just don't feel that the consultant is right for me.

    My Mum says to give the new consultant a try, but she's not my cup of tea and I want to transfer to the developers meeting. However I feel bad as there would only be the consultant and M who does pay social team wise, but if I don't do something I feel like I'm stuck.

    sorry to ramble, if anyone could help me with what to do I'd appreciate it xx

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    You have to be in a group that you're happy with. If I were you, I'd move to Wednesday if I knew that I'd like it better, but perhaps give a couple of weeks notice so that they can get someone else and if necessary you can train them to take over your role.

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    I'm in a similar situation, I am the caretaker at the centre that we meet at and I set the room up, help doing the shop, taking the money and generally help as required but I would also like to go to another group but dont want to let our consultant down, she does her best but doesn't inspire me as the previous one did.

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    Hi- do you get paid for doing it or do you get to go to class for free? TBH I would go where I am happy. If you are worried about offending why not make up a little white lie like you can't do that night any more etc?

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