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Thread: Hello for the thousandth time :(

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    Angry Hello for the thousandth time :(

    Hi Everybody,

    Sorry for the language :/

    I am back again at least a stone heavier pissed off feel like I have tried every pissing diet and I am my own worst enemy!

    We lost my dad in April and things have fallen to pieces. I will list all the diets I have done and their associated success.

    Start weight 20 stone (2010)
    Slimming world - 4 stone loss
    Calorie Counting - 2 Stone loss
    Weight 14 Stone when we got married in 2012, I tried to keep going after the wedding.
    Weight Watchers
    after all that and I am now over 15 stone

    I don't know what eating plan to do next but know I must do something very very soon.

    Any pearls of wisdom would be so very welcomed.

    Although Slimming world worked I found it very very restricting with regards to family life and going out etc.

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    86 ponds gone...I think u doing great ... chin up honey !
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    I don't think you should be so hard on yourself. You have had a difficult year by the sounds of it. Pick a diet, any diet and just stick to it until Christmas if you can. Aim for approx a pound a week and you will be a stone lighter by the end of the year x
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    You have done something some people just cant...and you will do the rest xxx

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    Ok so you are beating yourself up but you were 20 stone and now you are aboutv5 stone lighter AMAZING well done. Stop trying to see things as a diet, make small changes so it fits with your life, you have had a tough year but have achieved something amazing so celebrate that.

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