1. Muppet182

    Diary of a food muppet

    Ah, I come to share the nonsense in my head following yet another set back. I technically started Cambridge Weight Plan last month and have lost just over a stone, but I keep finding myself still eating. It's not difficult, just eat your products woman and stop the nonsense. To be fair, my...
  2. Z

    Bad Days

    Today I had a perfect start with breakfast and lunch then it just fell apart from there! I ate all the bread, the sweets and the chocolate!! I don't dare add up the syns. I feel so guilty about it and feel like it's going to undo all my hard work. Need to keep reminding myself it's just one...
  3. I

    Extra Easy SP my sweetie binge

    hey all, I just wanted some support and advice really. I've been doing slimming world for just over 2 weeks now and I've kept to it strictly... Until today! My mum went away on holiday and when going to greet her she returned with more chocolate and sweets I've seen in months. Let's just say...
  4. N

    Post weigh-in binge - HELP!

    Hi everyone, I've just joined since I'm forever on this site anyway so may as well get involved - you seem like a lovely bunch :) Anyway a bit about me - I'm 26, and have been overweight (obese) as long as I can remember. The weight kept on creeping on and before I knew it I was half a pound...
  5. J

    Exante Totoal Solution Week 4 - getting difficult

    Hi, I'm on week 4 of exante total solution. In my first week I lost a stone (but I had been binge eating for four days prior to the diet I think most of that would have been water weight :oops:) After that my weight loss has been so slow Week 2: 3lb Week 3: 2lb Then I weighed myself this...
  6. N

    Binge Guilt

    I've been doing SW for a year, lost two stone and it's great. I had to study abroad for 3 months and came home for Christmas. Went back to group in January and only gained a pound after my time away and Christmas eating! My problem is in the four weeks since I've been back I only lost weight at...