Post weigh-in binge - HELP!

Hi everyone,

I've just joined since I'm forever on this site anyway so may as well get involved - you seem like a lovely bunch :)

Anyway a bit about me - I'm 26, and have been overweight (obese) as long as I can remember. The weight kept on creeping on and before I knew it I was half a pound shy of 20st. I'm 5ft8in and always made excuses that I "carried it well", but actually it's so hard being the fat one, and being scared to go out sometimes for fear of abuse in the street :(

I joined slimming world in January, and have since lost nearly 2 stone - it's my third or fourth attempt so hopefully I can stick at it this time!

I'm looking for some advice, my weigh in is at 10am on a Saturday, so I tend to not eat or drink until after group, but I can't help but binge for the whole weekend! It's like an off switch flicks and I'm eating everything and my brain tells me I've earned it, which is ridiculous! Then come Monday I'm trying desperately to claw it back and I'm miserable because I can't use any syns!

Just wondering how does everyone avoid their binges, and especially after weigh in - can anyone share advice on how I can get out of this habit?

I feel like I'm sabotaging my weight loss when I should be looking forward to getting on the scales!

Thanks in advance!
Nicola ❤️ Xx