cambridge 2017

  1. L

    New to Cambridge!

    Hi everyone So I'm on day 2 of The Cambridge Diet and I'm doing really well so far! The first day was really hard and today has been difficult dealing with hunger pangs at times but I'm still on track and determined. My aim is to lose 4 stone :O as quickly as possible. I was hoping to meet...
  2. Findlittleme

    Step2 810kcal Journey back to the old me

    Hi! I am doing the CD, step 2 and I am on day 6. In terms of background info, I was always naturally slim but curvy (pear shape) and didn't really work hard on my weight. I did used to think I was too big back then, but now I realise I just had a different shape to the people around me...
  3. Findlittleme

    Step2 810kcal CD - Feeling worried

    Hi all! Hope you're well. I'm new to minimins but I have been reading lots of the posts over the last few days. I am just finishing day 5 of the Cambridge diet and I am doing Step 2. I'm just feeling a little worried because I thought I would at least be feeling a little positive difference...
  4. Lotty94

    Step 1 Sole Source Day 17

    This is my third week on the CWP, I lost 11 pounds in the first two weeks which I was really happy about. Since the first week it has been alot easier my cravings and hunger has decreased alot and I really enjoy the shakes and some of the soups, I weighed myself today and saw that I've put a...
  5. Lotty94

    Day 6 CWP step 1

    Hey everyone, today has been day 6 of the cambridge weight plan today's gone really well. The hunger I had the first few days has gone completely i feel more energised and alot more excited about the next few months because I feel I can do this ! This morning I was abit doubtful but as the...
  6. Lotty94

    Cambridge weight plan day 6

    Hi everyone... Today is day 6 on the cambridge weight plan, it's going okay I havnt cheated but thinking ahead I'm gonna struggle to do this for the next how ever long. I'm going away in a couple of weeks for a couple days with some family and I am going to find it so hard not to cheat while my...
  7. LucyAnn29

    CWP Motivation

    hi guys been on CWP for 17days now and I'm in week 3 with a 10 pound loss so far! This weather is so beautiful however I'm really unsure how much water I should Be drinking if it's hot... I'm on 4 litres now. Also does anyone struggle with 3 shakes? It's now half 9 and I need to still have my...
  8. SummerChic

    Step 1 Sole Source CWP journey to Xmas Target 2017

    Hi I'm new to this and just making sure I'm doing the posts right first so here's hoping it goes up
  9. gembeb

    Step 1 Sole Source Gemma's Summer CWP Journey - 5 St to lose!

    So I'm back again! It's been years and years since I first tried CWP, and I lost a lot of weight last time (2st!) but I gave up, didn't wean myself off it properly, and piled it all back on again, plus a little extra just to **** with me. So I've spent the past few years on and off again...
  10. K

    Kammies 2017 weight loss diary

    Hi All, Am using this as a daily diary to what i hope will keep me on track. Having allowed myself to gain loads in the last 3 years and having tried a few different things in the last year to no avail. I'm starting this plan. Errr started last Tuesday with a starting weight of 15st 4lbs.. I'm...