Hi everyone

So I'm on day 2 of The Cambridge Diet and I'm doing really well so far! The first day was really hard and today has been difficult dealing with hunger pangs at times but I'm still on track and determined. My aim is to lose 4 stone :O as quickly as possible. I was hoping to meet other people with a similar goal doing this plan and maybe share experiences with each other... Also I'd love to hear people's success stories too! Roughly how long would it take to lose 4 stone if I stick to this 100%? I'm on sole source so just three products a day!

Looking forward to meeting new people and completing this life changing journey!
Hi Lianna, hope day 3's gone ok and you're starting to feel a bit better. The first few days on this are tough tough tough.

If you stick to SS one hundred percent, you're looking at it taking 4 months for 4 stones, roughly. You'll lose most during the first month though - weight loss slows down to 3-4lbs a week (which is still pretty fab!). That's an average though, so don't be surprised if you "only" lose a pound one week because you'll probably lose five pounds the next!

Good luck - keep posting here x
Thanks for the replies I'm still on plan! Moving into day 5 tomorrow woo hoo! Today has been a great day, hardly felt hungry and when I have it's been rather easy to manage and passes very quickly! So excited for weigh in on Wednesday
Hi Lianne,

Congratulations on day 5, you should be in ketosis nicely by now, and that first few days under your now slimming belt...

Water, water everywhere ;) it'll get you through and soonyiu won't even think about anything other than the lbs that are evaporating from you ;) :)


Woo hooo I'm halfway through day 5! Today has been so easy so far! Hunger has completely vanished, I'm full of energy and my mood is so high :) I feel on top of the world. Must be ketosis yaaayyyy! If it carries on like this I'm going to have no problem getting to goal! Only thing I am stating to miss is my glass of wine at night lol ;)
Hey! Well done getting started, glad you are through the worst and feeling good! When do you weigh in?

I'm starting tomorrow. Like you I have 4 stone to shift although would maybe settle for 3, I will see how I feel when I get there!

I did Cambridge in 2010 and found it great, I've had a few failed attempts to restart again over the years but determined to do it this time. Nothing to stop me but myself.

Will be following to see how you get on xx
Well had my first weigh in today and lost 5lb. I should be happy I know but I'm feeling pretty gutted.... I expected more, been reading people's stories of 10lb losses and more in their first week! I've been drinking enough water and have been on plan 100 percent! I have 4 stone to lose, well 3st 8lb now. I was hoping to achieve this in 12 weeks maximum... feeling slightly down, need some more motivation to carry on another week!
Hey Lianne,

You've had a fantastic loss. 5lbs is amazing! You'll be losing more and more and you will meet your target.

I have 3 stone 5lbs more to loose, so we can do it together

Hi summerchic

Thank you :) I feel a bit better about it now and ready for my second week! I'll be posting daily on here so would be great to keep each other motivated and on track :) how far into it are you? Xx
Lol hey lovely,

I'm having a week on step 2 which is the 3 products and a 200 cal meal, before I start my second round of 12 weeks. I'm 5'9" so have to have 4 products daily anyway, so always on 800 cals daily... but am losing other than weeks I've been a little naughty with small cheats of protein. You can check out my losses to date on my diary

You've done really well! It's not easy at all! I'm wishing three months of my life away here haha. It will happen though, need to stay strict and positive! We got this will check your diary out now :)
Hey lianna,

You'll be amazed how it flies by, I feel like I've only been doing the diet a short time but it's been over 12 weeks, that is so crazy.

I'm losing on 1b /same as step2 so you can do this And those days will get shorter and shorter to when you've hit your target and you're in maintenance

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Usually when you get a lower loss than expected in week one, you get a nice big loss in week two to go with it. Don't lose heart. Bodies are such weird things, never do what you expect them to do!
Hey guys....

I'm still on it. On day 9 today. I'm due on so have been really struggling with constant hunger pangs, last night I felt awful and went to bed with a headache and felt very sick! I have already had my three packets of food today and it's only 4:30pm! I must confess, I ended up drinking a chicken stock cube earlier as I was so hungry :( I hope it doesn't affect my progress as I know they're high in salt content... I've taken some water retention tablets and am on my third litre of water now so hopefully I haven't ruined anything! I'm having a very early night tonight I think lol.

Hope you're all getting on ok too xx
Awe, babes,
Go get some Swiss bouillon stock from Tesco, also, best to have an extra product if you really really need to, better that than go off course

You're doing great