Step2 810kcal Journey back to the old me


I am doing the CD, step 2 and I am on day 6.

In terms of background info, I was always naturally slim but curvy (pear shape) and didn't really work hard on my weight. I did used to think I was too big back then, but now I realise I just had a different shape to the people around me (nothing wrong with a round bum and thick thighs ;)). Back then I was around 9st.

Over the last 4 or so years, my weight has gone up quite a lot and at my first CD appointment, I weighed in at 12st11lbs :oops: I'm quite short (5ft) so my bmi is quite high and the extra weight just does not suit me naturally.

I have done healthy eating and exercise before and managed to lose some weight but was not consistent enough with it. And when I fall off the wagon, I go wayyyyy off!

But now I'm ready to get my old body back and feel the way I used to in myself and in my clothes! My goal is to get as close to 9st as I can. But would be happy with 10st.

So far the CD has been going okay. I enjoyed the products more than I expected and haven't been too tempted to stray. My only worry is that after 6 days, I don't really feel much difference and I thought with such a drastic change, I would feel it.

But anyway, my first weigh is on Tuesday morning, so we'll see! Really hoping to see some loss!

Sorry for such a long post, I will try and keep this updated. Love reading all your posts too!
Hey FLM,

The most important thing is that you're here with us all, owning the new you who's decided that now is a great time to find little you again ;).

We've all been there, been much lower weights and seen ourselves grow, not the way we want, humphf.... ;) but taking the step to start any plan is a great thing. Your mindset is with you on any journey. You want this very badly, I can see that. I believe whole heartedly you will get to goal by Xmas.

It can be done and you'll be hear with us all, chatting over a shake or porridge

Do what you need to to help you along, nothing is too big or small in the spectrum of FLM!!

Hey Summer! I am so sorry for not responding sooner! How are you doing?

Thank you so much for all your encouraging words! They definitely help! Your motivation is inspiring too!

How was last weeks weigh in? Hope the week has gone well for you!

Well, I was really nervous about mine because I didn't feel any difference in my body, but, I lost 7 pounds in the first week!! :D:D I was soo pleased and really surprised! My weigh in this week is on Wednesday instead of Tuesday, so I have another day to go. Hoping for at least a 3 pound loss, so we shall see.
Crikey last weeks seems an age ago, got down to 13st 1.5lbs that's 33.5 lbs in total, then went away for a couple of days and drank prosecco one day.. eeee seem to have overcome the damage.

Anyway week 11 weigh in tomoz, just hoping to be nicely in the 12's then hope to drop to 12.7 by 12 sept which is week 13/ month 3.. fingers crossed gotta be focused

A 3lb loss should so be doable each week, it's what I'm hoping for at the moment.

I'm glad you're ok, and wham bam thank you mam!!! 7lbs whoop whoop!! Nice one that's a fantastic loss, so inspiring. You'll see those numbers continue to drop.

This plan is actually easy, it's so getting head in the right place. You have it in droves.

Keep at it, I'll be here for quite sometime with you. I still have a heck of a lot Roger rid off

Oh wow, you've done so well so far! 33lbs is amazing! How did this week's weigh in go?

Mine have changed to Wednesdays now. I was another 4lbs down :) nicely on track.

You're right! It is a lot easier than I expected and it definitely is all in the mind.

Yeah, I've got a while to go too, so will keep you company.

So, weird question. But has this diet given you any upset tummy? These last couple of days my stomach seems a little unhappy with something o_Oo_O
I first attempted the diet earlier this year! But I couldn't get my head around it, and also was really queasy a lot. The feeling of being wanting to be sick just wouldn't go away: the feelings only got worse, I stopped the diet, had no idea what it was, but as soon as I stopped it got better, I started again mid jun and have been ok since.
I've used benefiber etc to help other matters lol...
Hey Summer! Aww I'm good thank you! How are you doing? How was this past weeks weigh in?

My tummy got better, think I just had very mild food poisoning from some chicken salad I had bought.

Last week was interesting because I went to a wedding, had my time of the month and a work event. So the losses were not huge, 2lbs. But I was just happy to still see a loss. I am now in the 11s and 1 more pound away from hitting my first stone! Hoping for a bigger loss this week!
Hey FLM,

I'm well, but that you lost 2lbs with all the rest going on, that's pretty darn good lady.

Dare I ask where you got the chicken salad, would be great not to go there, hahaha.

But crikey, almost at your first stone and closer to goal. You'll have this by Xmas for sure

Haha the salad was from Tesco. But J got it reduced, so think I left it a day too long before eating it.

Official weigh in day for you today right? All the best! I'm sure you've done well.

I ended up going for lunch at some friends place on Sunday and went completely off plan :oops: But have been back on it since and trying to stick to just CD products atm. So not too optimistic about weigh in tomorrow, but we'll see :)

I think I'm learning to relax a little with the diet. Definitely watch what I eat and have the products as the foundation of my diet... But not being overly strict with myself to the point where I just want to quit. So finding a good balance is key... And as long as those numbers are going in the right direction, it's all good :)
So my CDC turned up on Wednesday and had forgotten her scales :mad: Really, products and scales, those are the basics o_O Anyway, it means I haven't had a weigh in this week... But really hoping to see a big number next week now... Also, on the look out for some snazzy digital scales of my own :cool:
My CDC has just left. And I'm quite disappointed! I only lost a pound... One pound in 2 weeks!! :eek: not great at all. But I have hit my first stone. (Although I should have reached that last week)... I guess I probably put on weight at some point in the last 2 weeks, then lost it again. Hmmmm.. Gotta do better next week!
Hello Findlittleme, how are you getting on?

Did you manage to find another consultant? Its amazing what an influence our consultants can have on our success with this diet. A think a good one is key!

Please do keep us updated and sorry for being late to the party.