1. T


    Hey does anyone know the syn value of sweet and sour chicken with no batter from the Chinese?! Trying to make better choices 😀
  2. Beth.jones03

    Syns in Chicken thighs with skin.

    So I was really craving a takeaway chicken burger and chips, I thought I’d treat myself a little and buy some Sainsbury’s fresh salt and pepper chicken thighs. I know that chicken skin is 6.5 syns for 25g. How many grams of skin is on two chicken breasts?
  3. AnnSummersPartyAmbassador

    Chicken skin

    Hello, if I get a whole chicken shove in oven and after cooking remove the skin and don't eat it, is the chicken itself still free? Or how many syns?
  4. Emily Stevens

    Extra Easy Greedy me - The chef who slims

    I rejoined slimming world February this year and have plateaued since September maintaining my 17stone 4 lbs on and off a couple of pounds here and there. I started my blog for recipes called the chef who slims after everyone in my group kept asking for my recipes and well, that is how i started...
  5. W

    Extra Easy Morrisons Chinese Chicken

    Hi everyone, I have Chinese style chicken drumsticks and thighs from Morrisons and I have no idea how to go about finding the syn value. If anyone has ever had these could you let me know? :)
  6. S

    Syns in asda ready made chicken tikka slices

    Im not sure about the syn value in the asda cooked chicken tikka slices that you can eat either hot or cold. They also have other flavours, chinese chicken, barbeque etc. Thanks in advance!!:)
  7. pinkponytail

    TS AAM Shami Kebabs

    Made these on Saturday. I've been making them for a while, one of my friend's grandmothers gave me an original recipe using split peas which took overnight soaking and forever to cook - and then my mother revealed a hack using chickpeas which produces the same flavour and texture and more than...
  8. Y

    Extra Easy Chicken & Sweetcorn Soup - Just like the takeaway version!

    I've just made this as something a bit different and I'm amazed at how much it's like the real thing! Serves 2 generous portions at either 1 or 2 syns for the lot, depending on how much cornflour used :) Ingredients 1 x Chicken Breast 2 x Garlic clove (crushed) 1/2 tsp of grated ginger 1 x...
  9. C

    ASDA Ready to Cook Three Cheese Margherita Chicken syns please!

    hi guys, got this reduced for 10p!! was wondering what the syn values would be for it? thanks ypical values (ovenbaked) Per 100g Energy 572kJ 136kcal Fat 5.7g of which saturates 2.4g Carbohydrate 2.8g of which sugars 2.6g Fibre 0.9g Protein 18g Salt 0.51g
  10. C

    ASDA Good & Balanced Mexican Lime Chipotle Chicken Protein Pot syns please!

    hey guys, i cant find this in the directory - does anyone know the syns please? Typical values (microwaved) Per 100g (microwaved) Per pack Energy 378kJ 1085kJ 90kcal 258kcal Fat 1.5g 4.3g of which saturates 0.2g 0.6g Carbohydrate 6.4g 18g of which sugars 2.8g 8.0g Fibre 3.3g 9.5g Protein 11g...
  11. A

    How many syns in Co-Op Sweet Chilli Chicken Noodle Salad?

    I popped in to Co-Op today for my lunch break and bought their Sweet Chilli Chicken Noodle Salad from the meal deal section. It has noodles, chicken pieces, sugar snap peas, grated carrot, some kind of bean (can't remember which one) and a bit of pepper as well as a sweet chilli sauce that comes...
  12. C

    ASDA World Favourites Pepperoni Chicken Melt Syns please?

    Just wondering what they syns would be in this , as chicken would be a free food i cant work it out using the 20 cals to one syn rule. this is the nutritional values for 100g Typical values (ovenbaked) Per 100g Energy 486kJ 116kcal Fat 3.7g of which saturates 1.4g Carbohydrate 3.3g of which...
  13. princesss01

    Mushy pea curry

    Hi, I had the Mushy pea curry tonight for dinner and I have to say it was quite scrummy. It is so simple to make and taste quite authentic, I will definately have this again. Here is the recipe I used, I added a few things to the original one. Serves 4 Tin chopped tomatoes Tin mushy peas 1...