1. spudsnipes

    13 weeks till Xmas Challenge!

    I have just logged back in the MM after a 6 year hiatus. Funnily enough, I only weight 11lb more than what my stats say I was which I’m impressed with considering in that time I have finished my degree, started a new relationship, got married and had a baby!! Wowzers. So, currently weighing in...
  2. tipperary

    What do you want for Christmas?

    Do you ask for specific presents or drop big hints. We put a list on our fridge of all the things we want. Then we buy things off the list for the others. Already on my list are Jamie Olivers Superfood book and Zumba for the Wii Fit. I think Hugh Fearnlly Whithinstall has a new book out too so...
  3. S

    Step2 810kcal Determined not to have weight loss on my 2018 year resolution list!

    Hello All ! I thought I'll create my own diary log.. to try and keep me accountable and motivated for the next few months on the Cambridge diet and hopefully get rid of the extra pounds or kg as I'm using the metric system ! I started the preparation for entering the Cambridge plan on...
  4. Emily Stevens

    Extra Easy Greedy me - The chef who slims

    I rejoined slimming world February this year and have plateaued since September maintaining my 17stone 4 lbs on and off a couple of pounds here and there. I started my blog for recipes called the chef who slims after everyone in my group kept asking for my recipes and well, that is how i started...
  5. Emily Stevens

    Extra Easy Days Keeping on track: tips and help

    I am starting a new thread as I am seeing a lot of old threads and thought it was time for a new one, I thought I would start a thread to share all of our tips and help as, well, I am struggling at the moment! I thought we could help each other through the holidays and more.
  6. Cherry Lawman

    Cambridge Diet Christmas Challenge

    hi would anyone like to do a Christmas challenge starting from this weeks weigh in to December 19th ? I hope someone will join me seems kind a quiet on here. I started CWP today though have been on another vlcd lost 4 stone My goal is to be by Dec 19th 21 lbs lighter So from Monday 3rd Oct...
  7. S

    Extra Easy Good idea to start now?

    I had my beautiful baby girl 15 months ago and she is amazing. I only gained 7lbs when I weighed myself after pregnancy. This stayed off for a while as I was breastfeeding. Then since then the lifestyle change (staying in more, not working) and also being a bit depressed after caring for a sick...