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Should I start now or Janury?

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I had my beautiful baby girl 15 months ago and she is amazing. I only gained 7lbs when I weighed myself after pregnancy. This stayed off for a while as I was breastfeeding. Then since then the lifestyle change (staying in more, not working) and also being a bit depressed after caring for a sick relative for a year, I've gained so much weight and feel rubbish.

For the first time in my life I feel addicted to food. I'm eating when I'm not hungry and can't seem to shake the habit.

I've just joined slimming world and I'm tempted to start now, before Xmas. Do you think that's a bad idea with temptations. We have never gone mad at Christmas buying food and drink. We usually have a Xmas lunch and buy a tin of chocolates. I don't usually drink but often buy a bottle of 'something'
I've already got work/friends prebooked meals out the way so it is all in my control really.

Also, has anyone ever felt addicted to eating? It sounds weird to type. I just can't stop eating. Any advice?

I've signed up and can begin when I'm ready, I've had shreddies and milk for breakfast with a banana, which I'm not sure if that complies with the diet as I've not read through it all. But if I started now it wouldn't harm too much.

I want to be slim for summer and try for another baby. Don't wanna be fat when I get pregnant.
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Congratulations Sarah on your baby girl.

You sound like you are ready to start SW so when the force is with you it is best to take advantage of it.

It would be no harm to get your bloods done to see that you are ok there as sometimes your body craves food if something is missing, low on vitamins or a lack of iron as it is easy to get run down after having a baby, breastfeeding and looking after a sick relative all can take their toll.

I have a sweet tooth and chocolate is my downfall every time...

The good thing about SW is that it allows for a variety of food that will help satisfy your appetite.

Your breakfast sounds perfect.

If you start a food diary others who are doing SW will be able to help you out.


I think I will officially start tomorrow as I'm going to read all the rules tonight but I have been quite good today.

I might just try my hardest until the new year and if something feels off I can get my bloods done.


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Hiya sarah, Ive rejoined this month, and going into my 2nd weigh in tomorrow. This time around this christmas im not as tempted as much, so I think I'm in the zone and determined as im only allowing my christmas dinner ( syning the gravy) and the pudding as my treat (filling up on fruit salad before the pudding) , but stick to curly wurlys till then to help . and thats half the battle as with this plan its not stricting, its allowing you to have treats now and again, but also teaching you everything in moderation.

ive found a good quote to help with slimming world. If you are going be bad on one day, make sure you are 100% food optimizing for 6 days. So if you think of a month. If you have 4 christmas dinners or events, dont count them and give up. Count the 27 days you will be 100% food optimizing.
if i look at it that, its looks and feels better.


Thanks! That's a great help. I'm 100% starting tomorrow. I don't wanna stress too much on Christmas Day, as my mum is cooking at my house lol!! So I think I'm going to stick to the plan 100% but treat Christmas Dinner as a treat meal. Which is way better than starting in January. I've already decided we can have a slimming world breakfast. And I know how my mum cooks, it will all be syn free apart from the stuffing/roasts potato and gravy.

Kind of glad my mum is doing dinner, everyone wants to come to my house because we have more space and I can't deal with cooking for loads.