1. F

    Extra Easy Dairy free syn free meal ideas

    I've been following slimming world for 5mths now & 6 1/2 lb from target... Over the past 3wks only lost 2lbs and think I need to switch things up abit foodwise. Any meal ideas ?.. FYI- I hate potatoes & don't eat much pasta (about once a month). I normally use cauliflower rice instead of real...
  2. Jaxx1384

    Slimming World, PCOS and Dairy free newbie

    Hi all I've been a slimming world member for 6 months and im almost at my 1.5 stone award. It's been a hard 6 months with many ups and downs but I'm making progress. Being dairy free is frustrating but it's a necessity and pcos on top just make everything fun! Anyone else working with this...
  3. S

    Extra Easy Egg/Dairy/Gluten free Slimming World Diary arghhhh

    The title makes me want to scream!!!!!!! I have been having skin troubles for a while (15 years, so half my life) and the Dr suggested it could be a food intolerance. I've always thought I've had a dairy sensitivity just by how I feel after I have milk at breakfast but never followed it through...
  4. Endlessbattle

    Anyone dairy free???

    Hey ladies and gents i am going to be trying a new goal. Years ago i done a intolerance test and it come up with Cows Milk as a No No, but i didnt think much of it. So years later im wondering if this is my problem. I always get spots and lack of energy. So need to change it up. I do try to...