Extra Easy Egg/Dairy/Gluten free Slimming World Diary arghhhh


The title makes me want to scream!!!!!!! I have been having skin troubles for a while (15 years, so half my life) and the Dr suggested it could be a food intolerance. I've always thought I've had a dairy sensitivity just by how I feel after I have milk at breakfast but never followed it through. So I cut it out and saw a huge difference. So the Dr recommended a food intolerance test and the results as follows:

Dairy - High Intolerance
Egg White / Egg Yolk - High Intolerance
Yeast - High Intolerance
Beef - High Intolerance (I already knew I couldn't eat this without getting poorly)
Chilli Pepper - High Intolerance

Gluten - Medium Intolerance
Sesame Seeds - Medium Intolerance

So that is rubbish. Eggs/gluten are hard to cut out. So I have decided to cut out everything apart from Gluten. By cutting out yeast I'll be limiting my gluten anyway. Then just see how I feel. I feel like doing it all at once would be too stressful.

But other than that......I eat anything lol!!!!

Im still sceptical but I'm going to give it ago. So why do slimming world? I also need to lose weight. With so many restrictions already I just want to do something simple. I can eat when I'm hungry, not count calories or points. Plus I've seen so many great recipes. With restricting certain things I hope to keep most my food homemade and fresh. I love avocado and coconut oil and nuts and pulled pork and lamb and pork belly. They are all great foods that arnt bad but slimming world will help me restrict them foods by limiting quantity.

Other than that I'm a happy, healthy 30 yr old with a beautiful 17month old daughter and loving husband. Hoping to lose the weight and try for another baby later in the year

Keeping a food diary to stay accountable.
Okay so yesterday I kind of followed the plan but we were out all day so it was difficult to work out. So I'm calling today day 1.

Just had breakfast, I crave avocado all the time which is going to be my slimmingworld downfall as they have so many syns!!!

Also been looking at the healthy extras A and I hate soya milk. So once I get some almond milk in that will be my A choice each day.

Day 1
Coffee with coconut Milk - 3
Mushrooms cooked in coconut oil - 2
Avocado - 8.5
Chia Seeds - (HE 5g of 25g)
An Orange

Breakfast - 13.5syns


Spinach, Tomato, Mushroom, Chia Seeds, Lemon Dressing, Chicken, Coconut Oil 2, Courgette, Salt and Pepper

Lunch - 2 syns

Evening Meal
Chicken (skin removed) carrots, sweet potato, broccoli and spinach. Now I made the most amazing gravy with the chicken juices but none for me.

Dinner - 0syns

Orange, tangerine, banana.

I'll have a coffee tonight which is 3 syns.

Total - 18.5 syns

So as you can see breakfast was too many syns and hasn't allowed for snacks. If I'm hungry tonight I have extra potato from dinner. Or grapes.
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Sounds good, I know the struggles with dairy, I avoid it like the plague. its really hard with dairy substitutes being so high syns aswell. I live on Almond milk as my healthy A or sometimes Coconut Milk as A choice.
I'm a vegetarian with Gluten, Dairy and Soya allergies. I am finding the Slimming World programme difficult to get variety. I also have not found any recipes that fit my dietary needs. Has anyone any ideas of how to vary my diet more?