eating disorder

  1. L

    Starting Over Issues

    Hi All, A bit of background - in 2014 after 2 years of not being able to get pregnant I sought fertility help. At 18st the first thing the doctor said was loose weight - before they would even do any tests. I began loosing weight after joining Slimming World, and after about a year managed to...
  2. Charlyfarly1979

    Step one ... Well okay perhaps step one hundred or so

    So I thought that keeping a diary might help, but I'm thinking more about compiling (not hoarding ... In no way am I hoarding) a daily insight into my strange but rewarding life, as well as my weightloss journey. So like I said ahem, step one. So far I've lost three pound of fat (gross) I'm...
  3. C

    Extra Easy I dont want to weigh myself, I become obssessed with scales in the past- please help.

    Hi folks, I've just started slimming world again after a two year - "I'll start next week" procrastination approach. The thing is I dont want to weigh my self, I've become obssessed with the scales in the past due to to a lifetime battle with bulimia. Last time I lost 2 stones but i might have...
  4. Entropy

    Slimming world and eating disorders

    Hi, I did search for an answer to this question but couldn't find what I was looking for. I was just wondering what exactly would happen if you ticked the box on the slimming world sign up sheet saying you have a history of eating disorders? Also, what would happen if you didn't tick that box...