1. K

    Lighter Life Light

    Hay Guys. I'm looking for some guidence on LighterLife Light. So I went to see my local consultant about joining LLL. I was completely brought into it, in the zone, had discussed it with my partner etc. When I got there she made me watch a DVD of Denise Welch and then took me into a room to be...
  2. CrazyMoo


    Hi to all!! Wanted to introduce myself..... Im Michelle (Shell), 32 from Liverpool I feel embarrassed of myself in this picture.....Can not fathom how Ive allowed my body to get into such a poor condition. :badmood: It was seeing this picture & others from recent trips & family gatherings...
  3. C

    Quark - any recipe ideas?!

    So I've just started SW and I have discovered the amazing thing that is Quark! I've had it mixed in with options hot chocolate and strawberries which is sooo good! Just wondering if anyone else has any tips on what it can be used for? Thanks! x
  4. GemTay1

    slimming world pack lunches

    Hello I have just joined slimming world for the 2nd time and I am hoping to be able to get my head around it s bit better this time. i would like some ideas on packed lunches for work if possible, i work in a call centre we have a kettle and a microwave available to us if needed. also does...