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Hay Guys.
I'm looking for some guidence on LighterLife Light. So I went to see my local consultant about joining LLL. I was completely brought into it, in the zone, had discussed it with my partner etc. When I got there she made me watch a DVD of Denise Welch and then took me into a room to be weighed. Never spoke to me about why I was there, what my motivation was so I said I wanted to do LLL, I am fully aware that I have a LOT To loose and LLT would achieve faster results but I knew I couldn't commit to the full plan.

She completely talked over me, was very aggressive in telling me I need to commit or not bother and I was far too big to do LLL and she was unwilling to allow me to register.

After 20 mins of this I relented and agreed to do the total, knowing damn well I didn't want to and would not commit. Luckily my Mother In Law was with me as she was signing up for LLL (she only needs to loose 2 stone) She interjected and said that isn't what Katey wants and said we would leave and consider.

I was so devistated ! She told my mother in law my weight and BMI even tho I specifically asked her not too - just awful.

So I have decided to do it with my Mother in law for support and I have brought 4 weeks supply's from Superdrug.

I guess I am just looking for people on the LLL plan to chat too, share experinaces, and hopefully support each other.

How are people finding LLL and what are you having as an evening meal?
I'm sorry you've had such an awful experience with the consultant! Not all of them are like that, I promise. They have to follow certain guidelines given to them by LL, but even so, they should be willing to talk to the client, listen and adjust. LLL is a good option in my opinion, no matter the starting weight, so well done on starting the journey! If anything, I think it's the healthier way too!

The evening meal I would say, would center around 200-250g of lean protein or fish along side some vegetables and salad. Be careful with dressings or gravy type things. All in all, you could roughly count calories and avoid complex carbs. If 3 packs equal roughly 450 calories, you have some calories to play around with for your dinner - depending on how strict you want to be, you could go between 850-1100ish for your day's total.
Thank you so much for your reply it was really thought out and contained a lot of information so thank you. This is pretty much what I have been sticking too.

I have ordered the book with recipes so I don't get bored.

I think it's the lack of carbs that is gonna do me in. Years of doing slimming world have trained me into needing pasta and potatoes
The lack of carbs is v hard at first I agree! But it soon passes.

Here's my advice (sorry long and waffle!)

Keep a list of why you are doing this stuck somewhere - your little devil voice will try and talk you out of it and you need to be able to argue back.
Look at joining a Facebook page or two - they are faster moving than this forum so helpful in the early days as a distraction.
Drink your water! It really helps curb appetite.
Don't be afraid of reading about other vlcds - they all work in the same way was LLL e.g. Exante has the man plan
Cambridge has step 2
Slim and save has lifestyle.
Their websites have recipe ideas, guidelines about what you should / should not eat that will help you, and success stories that will motivate you.
Don't see this diet as a punishment. It's a choice you are making to achieve your goal.
Don't believe the naysayers, particularly the ones who say you'll put it back on really quickly. I have put weight back on after a vlcd but it's because I went back to eating rubbish. And I gained it back slowly.

Above all good luck. You deserve to be happy with your body :)
Keep us posted!
Thank you so much. That's a good should about other diets I will look into that. I have noticed there isn't a whole lot of online support for LL. I have done SW for years and there are so many groups and forums but not so much for LL.
Thank you so much. That's a good shout about other diets I will look into that. I have noticed there isn't a whole lot of online support for LL. I have done SW for years and there are so many groups and forums but not so much for LL.