Quark - any recipe ideas?!

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Quark makes a good fat-free base for creamy pasta sauces so you could use it to make a kind of carbonara or as lasagne sauce (I've never tried this before but I know some people have used it for this).

It's also good as a savoury filling for sandwiches (the SW website suggests mixing it with mustard and spring onion to put in a roll with ham, egg and salad).

I like mixing it with garlic / paprika and chives / spring onions (or all 4 if that's your thing!) and using it as a dip for SW potato wedges. I have used it as a replacement for soured cream to have with chilli (though I prefer fat free natural Greek yogurt for that).

The other night I was craving something sweet so I nuked 2 orange Hifi bars in the microwave for about 15 seconds, mixed some Options hot chocolate with quark, mixed the Hifi bars into the quark and topped it off with a load of satsuma segments. It was amaaaaazing! :)
The bin. Blghh.
A more helpful reply would be... on ryvita etc with avocado. Or with garlic and cucumber mixed in to make a sort of tzaki sauce. You can use it to make mushroom pate or a carbonara. Or mix with hot chocolate powder to make a sort of mouse.
But seriously the best option? The bin!


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So I've just started SW and I have discovered the amazing thing that is Quark! I've had it mixed in with options hot chocolate and strawberries which is sooo good! Just wondering if anyone else has any tips on what it can be used for?
Thanks! x
I LOVE quark, Its my fave breakfast when Im doing an SP day, I add sweetner and either vanilla, almond or lemon flavouring, mix it with fruit and a crumbled alpen light. I use it instead of yogurt to make overnight grape nuts, it tastes like cheesecake. And I mix it with mint, salt and garlic as a dressing for a chicken tikka salad xx

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Just wanted to add to this since I did something a little different with quark the other day. I diced an large onion and mixed it into the quark with a little black pepper and a sprinkling of artificial sweetener. Left it for a while for the flavours to mingle and the had it on a jacket potato. This is really delicious if you like the taste of onions...but might not make you so popular if you breathe on anyone for the next 12 hours or so :D
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I use quark to make the cheese sauce for lasagne. Mix quark with an egg and some grated cheese (I weigh it out to be a HE per portion) and some pepper to season. It doesn't taste exactly the same as a 'proper' lasagne, but it's very edible, and the cheese flavour comes through well. I've tried a couple of sweet recipes for quark, and I haven't found one that was worth the trouble of making it. But it's definitely great for savoury foods.