1. Pierce

    Giving up for lent

    I've done a few successful lents in my past including one where I was in the USA. For Lent no sweets/chocolate/fizzy drinks. We have a traditional thing for st. Patricks which is you are allowed ice cream. So don't know how many days it is but last night I was looking for sugar. Exhausted...
  2. Pierce

    Ticker Setup! 2017

    Firstly go to Ticker Factory In this example, I am going to pick a weight loss ticker. The process is similar for all tickers on Ticker Factory. Going to pick the first ticker. And the first slider. Of course, you should pick the ticker and slider that suits you and reflects how you...
  3. Pierce

    Wishing all a Happy New Year!

    Hello Everybody! On the behalf of myself and Mini I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year 2017. We hope that over the year of 2016, MiniMins was of use to you either by information, inspiration, social, community or something you just enjoyed reading. If you had a successful dieting...
  4. Pierce

    SW Recipe - Best practices for submitting a recipe!

    Let me first say if you are thinking about submitting a recipe and feeling nervous, don't be. This is a best practice on how to make it findable, but it is not the be all end all, just submit it and I will add in anything that might be missing :) One Thread Per Recipe! This is the most...