SW Recipe - Best practices for submitting a recipe!


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Let me first say if you are thinking about submitting a recipe and feeling nervous, don't be.

This is a best practice on how to make it findable, but it is not the be all end all, just submit it and I will add in anything that might be missing :)

One Thread Per Recipe!
This is the most important request. Please create a new thread for a new Recipe, this makes it so much easier to find. Don't worry if you submit 100 new threads (actually thank you if you do!) for 100 recipes, even if it has been done to death there is always more than one way to cook a chicken :)

Please Tag your thread. When you create the post you will have just under the post Tags. See the Global Index for tag ideas. At the minimum it should be tagged: sw, recipe, your-username. This would allow you to do a tag search (or put your own in your own signature) like this: recipe,lickthelid

Pictures are awesome, and it helps show how you made a recipe. You can upload pictures of the process, the cooking, the final plated food, and the empty plates if you want!

If you have made a recipe on here kindly share the picture on the thread of the recipe.

We support all the major picture services including Instagram or you can upload the picture directly to MiniMins, the choice is yours :)

You can embed youtube on MiniMins and if you have made a video of a recipe please feel free to share it.

Off topic.
If you have a request, or want to chat about cooking, kitchen or methods please use the Chat, or Recipe Request forums to keep the Recipe section clean :)
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