pregnancy weight

  1. SPE

    Extra Easy 85lbs to go!!!!

    Hello everyone!!! Pregnant slimming worlder here. Almost 23 weeks and feeling great. Had a 10lb pregnancy gain so far, most of that within the first 10 weeks. I controlled the morning sickness by eating, which may have been a mistake but morning sickness is a horrible feeling I only seemed to...
  2. E

    Slimming world whilst pregnant.

    Hey First time i have used this site, I'm 19 weeks pregnant and have gained 10lbs already (6 of those gained over christmas). I gained 5st with my first and really don't want to get myself into that mess again. I have done slimming world before and had a great result so I have started again...
  3. MrsE13

    Slimming World Pregnancy Diet

    Hello Everyone!! So I'm pregnant. I'm really happy and excited to be having a 2nd child but also nervous. I am overweight and want to stay in control while pregnant. It isn't so much about the weight gain but more about the control. Say to me 'you can eat what you want for 9 months' and I...
  4. M

    Hi from a newbie - round 2 at losing baby weight (plus a bit!!)

    Morning Minimin-ers My search for SW syn values always leads me here so I thought I'd join and hopefully make it to target this time! My LG is now 20 months old and the first time I tried SW to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight she was just 3 months old. And it was a bit soon really for me...