Slimming World Pregnancy Diet


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Hello Everyone!!
So I'm pregnant. I'm really happy and excited to be having a 2nd child but also nervous. I am overweight and want to stay in control while pregnant. It isn't so much about the weight gain but more about the control. Say to me 'you can eat what you want for 9 months' and I certainly will. So I am going to follow slimming world for the duration of my pregnancy. If I gain.....that's fine. If I lose....that's fine. If I sts.....that's fine. As long as I'm eating healthy meals, and not hungry I am happy.

Really unsure when I am due as I have irregular periods but I got a faint positive test a few days ago and a darker line this morning. So perhaps in 4 weeks. Due late May/early June.

I get an extra HEA & HEB due to being pregnant but I'll only eat these if my body needs them. I think it's only the lat trimester that the body needs the extra calories.

I havnt posted this in the pregnancy section because this board seems busier. Anyone is welcome to follow my journey and diary. Please note it will consist of food talk, body talk and lots of baby talk

And just a photo to make it all more official.
So I've just been to my first meeting. It was okay, interesting, everyone was friendly. Keeping my pregnancy secret right now, so didn't mention that.

I'm ready to rock and roll in the morning. Going to get sone overnight oats ready soon for breakfast. Then I'll have to grab something on the go for lunch. Ready to get started.
Right guys......has spotting Wednesday night and Thursday morning, no pains. Just retested and it's 'not pregnant' so I'm just waiting for my period to begin. Obviously don't need this diary....gutted.