Hi from a newbie - round 2 at losing baby weight (plus a bit!!)


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Morning Minimin-ers My search for SW syn values always leads me here so I thought I'd join and hopefully make it to target this time!

My LG is now 20 months old and the first time I tried SW to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight she was just 3 months old. And it was a bit soon really for me personally to be getting caught up in losing weight as I struggled with PND. I did lose about a stone over 3 months-ish but it was tough with everything going on.

I also have PCOS which I take Metformin for (when I remember) although I'm not sure how much help that provides in terms of weightloss)

And I have Coeliac Disease too so my struggle with food continues! If anyone has and good SW Coeliac tips I'd be very grateful to receive them

So here I am giving it another bash!
A bit more to lose than last time 2 stone is my goal and I'm hoping I can do it this time! X