slimming world help

  1. Theonyxsnake

    Oat flour

    Can anyone tell me if oat flour can be used instead of just porridge oats for your healthy b option? X
  2. Jonesmar

    HexA Almond milk Hexa?

    I have just found out that dark chocolate almond milk is no longer classed as HexA 😨 I wouldn't have my 2nd HexA without having a mug of this every night. Would it effect my weightloss if I carried on having this as my 2nd HexA? ❤️Thanks ❤️
  3. itsemgeee

    slug and lettuce

    Hi, after checking what I think is the whole internet I can't find anything so does anyone know the syn values for anything at the slug and lettuce , thanks in advance
  4. S

    Had a takeaway and weigh in is Tuesday!

    So I finished work late tonight, and had a pretty stressfull week, I ended up ordering a takeaway as I was just too tiered to cook, I had a large Doner kebab(with pitta) with salad, no sauce and a garlic bread baguette with cheese which my sister had a couple of pieces and bit of doner...
  5. O

    Help! Something’s not working

    I’ve recently joined a slimming world group (although have dabbled a little bit with slimming world in the past). I’ve been on plan all week except on Sunday when I had afternoon tea. Although, I’ve been told it can have more than 100 Syns in it, I individually calculated everything I had and...
  6. A

    Slimming world week 1

    Ok so I’ve weighed myself this morning , after 1 week on slimming world Go green only to be horrified that I’ve not lost but gained another 3 pounds 😱😯. I don’t understand it . The green plan has plenty of pasta and fruit and veg , the only thing I’ve changed is instead of pasta added chicken...
  7. G

    Help! Pancakes tasting too eggy

    I’ve just made Syn Free pancakes from pinch of nom and although they’re ok they taste very eggy. Anyone got any suggestions of how to make them taste better?! I was thinking maybe putting something like cinnamon in the mixture. I’m only on my second week of slimming world and this is my first...
  8. N

    Low fodmap & slimming world

    Hey guys, Im just wondering if anyone is doing slimming world and the low fodmap diet? If so what are your go-to recipes or snack ideas? Ive marked the low fodmap foods off my slimming world book but Im just starting out and still really struggling to find recipes to use ... Or basically to make...
  9. J

    Kit kat chunky snack size

    Hi can someone tell me the syn value for the kit kat Chucky snack size please can’t seem to find the syn values for them Thanks
  10. J

    Stir Fry Sauce

    Hi All! I'm thinking of doing a stir fry tonight but I'm not that adventurous with vegetables. I was thinking of having chicken with just a simply veg kit from tesco but I'm unsure of what sauce I should use to go with it? I have soy sauce at home but I don't know if anything else needs to go...
  11. E

    Slimming world whilst pregnant.

    Hey First time i have used this site, I'm 19 weeks pregnant and have gained 10lbs already (6 of those gained over christmas). I gained 5st with my first and really don't want to get myself into that mess again. I have done slimming world before and had a great result so I have started again...
  12. nells

    Eating at Cotes Brasserie

    hi Can anyone help me, I'm eating at cotes tonight and i have had a very bad few weeks so i need dinner to be minimum syns!
  13. whatkatiedid

    A student's guide to Slimming World

    So... I've done Slimming World many times now but I always struggle going to group, this didn't help when I was a few years younger and I put 1lb on, the person who weighed me laughed at me and made a sarcastic comment. That knocks a young girl's confidence. ANYWAY, I'm starting up my...