1. J

    Kit kat chunky snack size

    Hi can someone tell me the syn value for the kit kat Chucky snack size please can’t seem to find the syn values for them Thanks
  2. J

    How many syns for the lime and chipolata chicken mug shot

    Does anyone know the syn value for the lime and chipolata chicken mug shot please
  3. J

    What are the Syns for muller Fruitopolis yogurt

    Can anyone tell me the syn values for the Muller Fruitolis yogurts please Thanks
  4. Ammyjanex

    My daily food diary.

    Hello everyone! I’m Ammy, I’m 21 and currently weigh 11stone 2.5lbs. Im also 5ft7! I am 17 months post partum. A little bit about my journey. I started slimming world in November 2016 weighting 12 stone 13 lbs and lost 1stone 6lbs and left in August 2017 and I have joined back from December 2017...
  5. J

    Coffee Mate

    Can anyone tell me the syn values for coffee mate please is it better than milk?
  6. Cherene

    My Slimming World Jouney

    Hey everyone, This is my first post ever so I hope I’m doing it right! So I’ve been on Exante for the last 6 months, I started in April and lost 3 stones 10lbs. I decided I wanted to increase my activity and started going gym 4 times a week .. this was hindering my weight loss with Exante...
  7. Chunky_Tiger

    Chunky_Tiger's SW Journey

    Hi everyone! :D I've decided to re-start my Slimming World Journey again tomorrow. I've joined around 4 times to groups over the last year, and miserably failed every time. I had a mental breakdown in a clothes store yesterday due to the fact the jeans I tried on wouldn't even get up my...
  8. Jodstar21

    Slimming World Bride to be 30th September 2017

    Helloooo, Ok so I actually joined Slimming World on 28th February 2017 weighing in at 12 stone 9.5 pounds. I am now 11 stone 12.5 pounds. It's been quite up and down for me so far to be honest. I thought it would be quicker than this as I can honestly say that I am sticking food optimising...
  9. Chris Judson

    Easter Weigh In

    So went to Slimmingworld last night #wednesdayweighin and managed to maintain despite two take outs, an easter egg, a kit kat chunky and god knows what else i have eaten over easter!! I was really happy with that, yes ok it wasnt a loss so not a massive success but i'd take it any day of the...