Slimming World Bride to be 30th September 2017


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Ok so I actually joined Slimming World on 28th February 2017 weighing in at 12 stone 9.5 pounds. I am now 11 stone 12.5 pounds.

It's been quite up and down for me so far to be honest. I thought it would be quicker than this as I can honestly say that I am sticking food optimising 100%. Having said that, whilst the scales are saying I haven't lost that much, I swear I can see a difference in my body! Unfortunately I didn't take my measurements before starting but I really think I can see a slight difference. (Unfortunately, my boobs have completely shrunk and shriveled up even more than they were before!)

My Fiance also goes to SW and we are doing it together and he has lost a stone and a half since starting which is excellent. I am very determined to lose the weight for my wedding day that even though the weight loss is slow for me I am absolutely going to stick to it and I thought maybe, starting a bit of a blog/diary on here would help me.

My weigh in day is Tuesday at 7:30pm.

Does anyone else struggle with not weighing themselves at home? I might have to hide the scales because I am weighing myself minimum 3 times a day!

I have a friends hen do in Tenerife coming up on 27th May and then my own hen do on 13th June in Ibiza and I am also Bridesmaid myself in July, all of which will be tricky for me to stay on plan but I will absolutely give it my best shot!

Bit of a boring first post, but I am hoping that detailing my loss and gains will help me some what in the long run! Please feel free to say hello and join me on my journey xx
For the first time in my life I actually went for a run this morning. People make it seem so easy. Guys at work go for runs in their lunch break for heavens sake! Friends I know that go running say that they love it! how hard can it be? HARD! VERY HARD!

I found a 6 week training plan that tells me if I follow it I will be able to run 5K without stopping by the end of it (if this happens I will literally run the 5K naked!) and downloaded an app to track my progress. Unfortunately the app didn't seem to track anything so I feel like my whole work out doesn't count! According to the 6 week plan, tomorrow is rest day thank god! When I got home (puffing, panting, sweating, on the brink of death), I felt bad that I hadn't taken my doggies with me (there is no way they would be able to run for prolonged periods of time being little french bulldogs) so I had to take them straight out for a walk afterwards so before 10am I'd managed 7500 steps....I normally really struggle to do that in a whole day so I am pleased with that and I am really really hoping my efforts will be rewarded at weigh in on Tuesday!
Had a really lovely weekend and managed to food optimise 100% throughout.

I put on a pair of trousers this morning (that if I'm being honest, have seen better days) that were way too tight for me before I started Slimming World and now they fit perfectly which has made me feel good! Unfortunately I am in a habit of weighing myself 10 times a day! (Does anyone else do that??) so I know that when I go to weigh in tomorrow night, I will definitely have lost a good few pounds. For weeks like this, it doesn't matter that I am weighing myself constantly because the fact that I can see the weight coming off motivates me. I say unfortunately because on all the other weeks when the scales are just staying the same every day, it really depresses me! It's probably a habit I need to kick to be honest!

My 6 week running plan says I need to go for another run today. It's currently pouring with rain. The chances of me going for a run today are very slim at this precise moment. I am definitely a fair weather runner if a runner at all!
Weigh in tonight and all of a sudden I don't feel quite as confident! Fingers crossed. Really want my stone certificate tonight :)
Lost 4 pounds at weigh in last night and finally got my stone certificate, horahh!

Something that I absolutely was not expecting last night was the fact that I got Slimmer of the Month! I am really pleased with that because I didn't think I was doing particularly well to be honest so I am chuffed with that! Not sure how to add the Slimmer of the Month award to my signature?

I am going away this weekend with my girl friends which I think is going to be quite difficult to resist the temptation of booze and fatty foods but I will try my absolute best!
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I still haven't been for a run since Saturday! I really wanted to go this morning but just couldn't drag myself out of bed early enough. Weather has been awful and I just can't bring myself to go out in it!

I was really craving something sweet last night. I've been having a cream egg every so often in the evening (9 syns) and had one last night and I just wanted more and more! I didn't of course but felt a bit deprived!

My aim is to go on at least one run before I go away Saturday afternoon. The motivation is there, I just need to find some willpower from somewhere.....o_O
I've thoroughly enjoyed reading your diary so far, good luck on your journey, i'll be sure to follow :D
Soooooo Saturday I went away with the girls and had my first day off the diet since I started....I didn't mean to have a day off at all. I didn't even want to go if truth be told as I really wanted to stay on plan. However, peer pressure was very strong!! So I ended up going a bit mad. However, woke up Sunday morning and got straight back on it. There were nine of us all together and I sat and watched everyone have a HUGE fry up whilst I sat there with my beans on toast and an apple!

I have weigh in tonight and I am desperately hoping that my Saturday syning hasn't had too much of an effect on my weight loss. I have 4 weeks now until I go away and would like to aim for 9 pounds off in that time. No more days off for me!
I lost 1 pound last night. I know people say that you shouldn't be disappointed with 1 pound as it's a step in the right direction and all that but I can't help but feel a little tiny bit disappointed. Having said that, I was a bit naughty on Saturday and went over my syns allowance I suppose!

I am more determined than ever to shed the weight and have a good few weeks. I go away on the 27th of this month so really need to be good. I'm going away Thursday to watch the Darts and staying over till Friday. My lovely Fiance has already prepped our food to take with us on the day and we plan to totally stick to plan throughout. We plan to go on a 10 mile bike ride when we get back on the Friday

So I am now 11s tone 7.5lb with a total weight loss of 1 stone 2 pounds. I want to lose a total of 3 stone. I have 1 stone 12 pounds left to lose to get me to target and I am giving myself until my wedding on 30th September to get to this (Perhaps 4 weeks before for dress fitting?) As mentioned before, I go away on 27th of this month which gives me another 3 weigh ins until I go. I wanted to lose another 9 pounds before then, lost 1 pound last night so that gives me 8 pounds to go. If I was to do this, it would also bring me into the 10 stone bracket. I WANT THIS SO BAD!!!

How am I going to do this:

  • Drink 3 litres of water a day
  • I have 2 night outs planned during the next 3 weeks so will do my absolute best to not go over syns
  • I have 2 cream eggs left in the house which are 9 syns each. I have been having these as a treat each evening with my cup of tea. I will finish these and not buy any more. I think I might try and have a kit kat which I think is 5 syns (?) and try to stick to only 5 syns per day
  • Have at least 3 SP days per week
Lost 1/2 a pound last night.....I'm really disappointed with this as although I had one meal out on Thursday last week which was absolutely impossible to food optimise (If anyone can food optimise at TGI Fridays please please let me know!), the rest of the time I had been so good! :mad:

It's really frustrating when there are people in my group who have lost the same or more and are sitting there confessing to eating and drinking all sorts and I now feel a bit guilty because I was quite negative when it came to my turn to talk.

My fiance is doing sooo well. He has now lost 2 stone and his before and after pictures are astonishing even now. I can't tell any difference with me!

I am still determined though. I now have 2 more weigh ins until I go away. I originally aimed for another 9 pound loss before I go away and so far I have only lost 1 and a half :( so I now have 7 and a half to go in 2 weeks. Not sure that's going to happen but I will certainly try!

How will I do this:

  • Night out on Saturday is cancelled so NO ALCOHOL for next 2 weeks.
  • Stick to 5 syns a day
  • Drink 3 litres of water a day
  • Exercise - 10000 steps a day and 2 exercise sessions (Insanity DVD) :character00116:
Hi, found your diary. you are doing really well. remember half a pound might not sound like much but its a step in the right direction and better than gaining a lb :)

good luck getting to your goal x x

Thank you. I know, I should be happy that it's a half a pound off. I am still getting my head around the fact that this is not a quick fix and it is a journey and I am pleased that I have given myself enough time before the wedding.

In fact, I have had a bit of news today. Back in January, I filmed an episode of Say Yes To The Dress (a tacky reality tv show that centres around a wedding dress shop) and they want to film my final dress fitting and my actual wedding too!! So even more incentive now to get to where I want to be! Woohoo!
Thank you. I know, I should be happy that it's a half a pound off. I am still getting my head around the fact that this is not a quick fix and it is a journey and I am pleased that I have given myself enough time before the wedding.

In fact, I have had a bit of news today. Back in January, I filmed an episode of Say Yes To The Dress (a tacky reality tv show that centres around a wedding dress shop) and they want to film my final dress fitting and my actual wedding too!! So even more incentive now to get to where I want to be! Woohoo!

wow that's so exciting, you'll have to tell me when its on, would love to watch it :)

I've done other diets where the losses are higher each week but they generally aren't sustainable. I've lost 4 stone on vlcd before and felt so good, soon as I started eating I gained it all back so quickly. great thing about sw is that its more of a lifestyle change.

best of luck for next weigh in x x
Soooo weigh in an idiot, I weighed myself this morning at home and it looks as though i have put on 1.5 pounds! I have been soooo good. Not had a drop of alcohol despite sitting in the pub on Saturday night! Had excellent days with no picking. I had some birthday cake on Saturday and Sunday but they are pretty much the only syns I have had. I am feeling so disheartened to be honest. I have gone down a bra size and a ring size....I have lost weight in my boobs and fingers....for heaven's sake how unlucky am I!!!? I have no choice to keep going because I really really want this but I can see how easy it would be to give up and I can totally empathise with people who give it up because it really is a slow process! There is no quick fix and you literally just have to keep going! Dreading weigh in now :(
my rings have also started feeling loose, whats that about, anywhere on our bodies and it goes from fingers lol.

I weigh 1lb lighter on sw than at home so you never know, might not be as bad as you think. is totm due or anything as often women retain water the week before. might mean you're in for a big loss next week. you can do it.

best of luck for weigh in x x
1.5 pounds off at last nights weigh in. I am coming to terms with the fact that this is going to be a slow process and it is going to take a long time to hit my target but that's ok. I still have plenty of time before my wedding. I just have to keep going. I got my club 10 award last night and now only need 3 pounds to get my stone and a half award.....1 more weigh in until I go away and I would love to get 3 pounds off next week but if it doesn't happen it doesn't happen! I need to start thinking like that because I am becoming obsessed and it is consuming my thoughts!!